Download iPad-Ready Imprev Marketing Center Now Available to Individual

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iPad-Ready Imprev Marketing Center
Now Available to Individual Real Estate Agents
June 26, 2013– Bellevue, WA – Imprev today announced it has launched its all-new retail Marketing
Center making its fully mobile marketing technology accessible for the first time to agents and brokers
The new Imprev Marketing Center is built on the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive marketing
technology platform, providing real estate agents with multichannel connections to home sellers and
buyers through mobile, social and a full array of online, digital and traditional marketing methods – all in
one place.
“One of the biggest requests from agents has been for fast, easy creation of marketing and advertising
materials on their iPads to save them time,” said Renwick Congdon, Chief Executive Officer of Imprev.
“Only the mobile Imprev Marketing Center meets that need, freeing up agents to create and distribute
whatever they need from wherever they are.
“We are so confident that agents will love the new Imprev Marketing Center that we are offering a 30-day
money back guarantee – no questions asked," Congdon added.
Most importantly, every marketing project can be completed in five steps or fewer –a key benefit for
time-constrained agents.
The Marketing Center is comprised of more than a dozen integrated marketing “apps” that range from
virtual tours and slideshows to responsive (mobile-enabled) Single Property Websites, Craigslist ads,
eCards, eNewsletters, flyers, postcards, brochures and much more.
Agents can distribute their marketing projects directly to their social media and other channels including
Facebook and Twitter, send directly to a preferred commercial printer, download a PDF file, print directly
from their laptops or desktops or post to any website – all from inside the Marketing Center.
The first Marketing Center technology to work on iPad and Android tablets, it features an ultra-modern
search experience that swiftly sorts through hundreds of designs to help agents find the precise design
they want to personalize and distribute.
The newest product addition: Single Property Sales Kits, featuring distinctly modern graphics, designed
with a uniform “look” that includes a matching postcard, flyer and brochure.
The new Marketing Center continues to feature exclusive Imprev technology, including Phrase Assistant,
with hundreds of pre-written listing descriptions and an Article Library of free evergreen news articles;
Image Assistant, a Dropbox-enabled photo tool and organizer; a stock Audio Library, with royalty-free
music soundtracks; and a stock Photo Library filled with royalty-free images.
All Individual agent packages come with a 100% money back 30-day guarantee and start at $199 per year
(under $17 a month) for Print Plus, $399 per year for Digital Marketing and $499 per year for Virtual Ad
Agency (both Print Plus and Digital Marketing) and can be purchased online at or call
toll-free 1-855-4-IMPREV.
Special office pricing is available for locations with five or more agents by contacting [email protected]
for details.
About Imprev
Imprev, Inc. enables real estate companies to build Marketing Centers and web applications on the
industry's most advanced marketing platform. The Imprev platform serves more than 150,000 real estate
agents worldwide. Imprev provides the industry’s only mobile-ready Marketing Centers that fully work
on desktop, laptop, iPad or Android tablet. Imprev offers a broad set of custom and “better than whitelabel” solutions for brands, brokers, agents and teams. Established in 2000, Imprev is headquartered in
Bellevue, Wash., and is online at
Imprev News Contact: Kevin Hawkins
[email protected]