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American Private
Enterprise System
College of Agriculture, Food and Environment
Developing Business and Community Leaders for Tomorrow.
How to Do Business
Section IV
Developing Business and Community Leaders for Tomorrow.
Overview of How to Do Business
Business Organizations- produce or manufacture, distribute, or sell goods and
Production of Basic Commodities- basic-raw goods and materials consumerscoal and oranges
Processing and Manufacturing- make basic commodities more useful to
Marketing- selling and transporting products
Business Services- selling services instead of products to people or businesses
How Does Business Produce?
Basic Natural Resources
 Labor
 Capital
 Management
 Government
 Capital Goods
What Business Does for a
Provides our basic needs:
 Food
 Shelter
 Clothing
 Transportation
 Communication
 Services
Starting a Business
 A person with a new idea who took a risk in the
hope of making PROFIT
Problems of Productivity
 Output per worker per hour
 Flood of inexperienced workers
 Failure of firms
 Implementation of technology
A Topsy Turvey Investment World
Core- financial system that puts money to work to
make more money
Our economy relies on financial markets to funnel
peoples savings into industrial expansion
Double Digit Interest Rates
Stocks and Bonds
Raising the Money
In the Driver’s Seat
Board of Directors
Officers of the Company
Major stockholders
Outsiders who can provide useful connections with
law firms, banks, investment houses, and
Stock Market
“Hub of the Investment World”
 More than 40 Million individuals own shares in the
U.S. corporations (valued at $1 Trillion)
 Stocks can provide:
 Dividend- profits a firm distributes to its
 Capital gain- investor reaps when a stock is sold
for more than the original PRICE
Stock Prices
Bear Market- prices are FALLING
Bull Market- prices are RISING
Influenced by:
 Value of firms assets
 Earning prospects
 Investor demand
How the Market Works?
Buying and Selling Bonds
 Less Risky than Stocks
 Invest savings
 Bond certificate
 Hedging Bets
 Buying or selling a stock at a current market price
prior to the future date
Pay Day
Want to thank you for
participating in the
American Private
Enterprise Program and
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