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Terms and Concepts in Reading #1
• Why do strategic management?
• Market research tools
– Segmenting
– Targeting
– Positioning
• Competitive research
– Importance of benchmarking
• From single product marketing to niche marketing to
particle marketing
• Criticality of life cycle marketing
• Justification of capital construction funds
• Single provider—implications for strategic management
More terms and concepts
• Trends in communication
– Preference for bundled packages
– “new media households’—high income
consumers in early phases
• Jumping the S-curve
• First to market acceptance versus first to
• Need for qualitative and quantitative data
• Political-economic-sociological-technical
• “a telecommunications-based provider should
never just consider its immediate environment
but also those of its suppliers, customers, and
analogous areas . . . The main strategic issues
identified by telecommunications companies in
general are: competition, deregulation, falling
costs and prices, downsizing, adding value,
globalization, market focus, strategic alliances,
and what to do about the Internet.”
--F. Mi
Product diffusion curve
Innovators Early
Emergent economic developments
• Aggregation: how firms expand and retain their
customer base
• Complementation: synergy of two or more firms
cooperating to develop new products or markets
• Consolidation: mergers or acquisitions of competitors
• Disintermediation: loss of traditional distribution
markets—lack access to customer base because of new
firms that directly link producers with consumers
• Tertiary analysis: study of externalities aimed at
forecasting development of new markets precipitated by
advance of technology
• Convergence: traditional sector of communication is
either invaded by or invades an unrelated sector as
result of tech innovation
Dynamics of consumer demand
Shift from producer to consumer control
Production cost reductions
Mass customization
Product life cycle contraction
Value of time and convenience
Sensitivity to discounting
Consumer service and post-purchase
• Quality
• Value-added design