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Account Executive Recruitment Script
John Potter
There aren’t many companies hiring today, but we are at ____. Hi, I’m ___________,
Sales Manager at the station. We’re looking for sales and marketing professionals to
work as fulltime account executives. You may be out of work… or you may be in a job
where you are quite happy. Either way, this is a unique opportunity to join a team of
professionals dedicated to developing and executing advertising campaigns for
businesses throughout __________________. There’s something special about working
in a radio station. And especially this station because of the people here. Plus the job
offers a good income; medical, vision and dental benefits; and paid vacation.
Now these jobs are not for everybody. It takes a special person to identify and call on
new businesses, put together successful marketing programs, and service advertiser
accounts. You’ll probably have to have sales and marketing experience, either inside or
outside of media. You’ll find the job posting on our website with application details.