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World War II Review
Technique by which planes
scattered large numbers of
A. Carpet Bombing
Suicide Plane
A. Kamikaze
Home projects that raised vegetables during
World War II
A. Victory Gardens
Offensive strategy of American admirals to beat
the Japanese in the Pacific
A. Island Hopping
Government savings notes bought by Americans
to help finance World War II
A. War bonds
Vessels built in the United States that usually
carried troops or war supplies
A. Liberty Ships
Referred to U.S. Servicemen
Ages of required military registration for males
as specified by the Selective Service Act
A. 21-36
Victory for the allies, fought from the air,
attacked Japanese carriers and airfields
A. Battle of Midway
Brutal march of American and Filipino prisoners
by Japanese soldiers
A. Bataan Death March
Gave marines first taste of jungle warfare, allies
conquered their first piece of Japanese
A. Battle of Guadalcanal
Allied invasion of France; Normandy
A. D-Day
Largest battle in Western Europe during
World War II; Germany’s final attempt to win in
A. Battle of the Bulge
Location of the Battles of Coral Sea, Midway,
and Guadalcanal
A. The Pacific
The Germans were finally stopped in their
advance into the Soviet Union here
A. The Battle of Stalingrad
The Japanese leaders believed they could
cripple the American Naval Fleet here.
A. Pearl Harbor
The Allies sunk all four Japanese carriers and
250 planes here
A. Battle of Midway
Hitler used this military strategy when invading
A. Blitzkrieg
Lasted the length of the war in Europe;
protected trade routes
Battle of the Atlantic
Resulted in the famous photo of soldiers raising
the American Flag at Mount Surabachi
Battle of Iwo Jima
Second only to Normandy in invastion size; gave
Allies clear path to Japan
Battle of Okinawa
Leader of the Soviet Union during World War II
A. Joseph Stalin
Fascist leader who became dictator of Italy
A. Benito Mussolini
British Prime Minister during World War II
A. Winston Churchill
General who became Prime Minister of Japan
A. Tojo Hideki
Leader of the Nazi Party in Germany
A. Adolf Hitler
Spanish military dictator during World War II
A. Francisco Franco
What Fascist made a pact with a Communist
during World War II?
A. Hitler with Stalin
Japan allied itself with this group in 1940
A. The Axis Powers
After the U.S. declared war on Japan, what two
countries declared war on the U.S.
A. Italy and Germany
What did Hitler, Mussolini, and the leaders of
Japan begin doing in the 1930’s?
A. Invade neighboring lands
Who inspired British people to resist German
A. Winston Churchill
Which country had control of most of Western
Europe by 1940?
A. Germany
Hitler signed a non-aggression pact with this
A. Soviet Union
How did Hitler and Mussolini view expansion of
A. A way to increase national pride
After Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, he headed
A. Poland
What was the next target of the Allies after
gaining control of Africa?
A. Italy
What historic event contributed to the rise of
fascism in Italy and Germany and the rise of
totalitarianism in the Soviet Union?
A. World War I
In 1932, Manchuria (part of China) was taken
over by this country.
A. Japan
The U.S. during World War II
What did the U.S. mainly focus on during the
A. Domestic affairs
How did Henry Kaiser contribute to wartime
A. Using mass production to build Liberty Ships
Why did President Roosevelt create the
Office of War Mobilization?
A. To centralize agencies dealing with war
As a result of the war, many women began
fulfilling what roles?
A. Steelworkers and welders
How were African American soldiers treated
during World War II?
A. Fought in segregated units
What was part of American policy during the
early years of World War II?
A. Remaining neutral while providing aid to
During World War II, what did the Ford Motor
Company make?
A. Bombers
Why did the United States evacuate Japanese
Americans from the West Coast?
A. Fears because of Pearl Harbor
Why did the U.S. feel that Pearl Harbor was safe
from attack?
A. Shallow water (too shallow for torpedoes)
Why was the U.S. unprepared to defend
themselves during the attack on Pearl Harbor?
A. Early Sunday morning (soldiers sleeping),
weapons unmanned, ammo locked down
The Holocaust
What was the “Final Solution?”
A. Kill all the Jews
What was one of the main goals of the Nazis in
the 1930’s?
A. Get rid of the Jews
What does Kristallnacht mean?
A. Night of Broken Glass
Group of men that served as policemen and
concentration camp guards
Prejudice or hatred towards Jewish people is
known as
A. Anti-Semitism
The End of the War
What was the result of the U.S. dropping bombs
on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
A. Japan surrendered
What was the goal of the Manhattan project?
A. Develop an atomic bomb
What were “code talkers?”
A. Navajo radio operators that helped in the
What brought an end to World War II?
A. Dropping of the atomic bombs
What did the Allies do with Europe after
Germany surrendered?
A. Divide it into 4 parts to be governed by the
U.S., Britain, France, and the Soviet Union
What was V-E Day?
A. The end of war in Europe
Who made the decision to drop the atomic
A. Harry Truman