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U.S. History
Mr. Boothby
The Learning Target
: The Roots of the Cold War!
Yalta Conference/ United Nations/ Truman Doctrine/ Marshall Plan/ Berlin Airlift/ N.A.T.O
Reaction (1/2 Page MINIMUM!)
What took place in Germany the final days of Hitler’s life (April-1945)
Why do you think Hitler took the cowards way out and killed himself? EXPLAIN
HINT: Page 784
Silently Read Pages 795-800
The Roots of the Cold War!
1. How did the Allies try to preserve world peace?
2. What happened in the Cold War between the United States and the
Soviet Union during the 5 years after the war (1945-1950)?
3. How did the United States attempt to stop Soviet expansion and
strengthen Western Europe through its foreign policy after World
War II?
4. Were the Soviet Union and U.S.A. allies or enemies during
WWII? Explain why in 4-15 sentences minimum!
5. CRITICAL THINKING (1 PAGE MINIMUM): Why do you think the
Soviet Union did not stop the planes bringing supplies to West
Berlin during the “blockade”?
Coming SOON!
U.S.A. vs. U.S.S.R. / COLD WAR / M.A.D. & ROCK IV