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Evidence Supporting Evolution
SHS Biology: Mr. Smit
Homologies / Homologus Structures
Homologus arrangements of bones and other anatomical structures across various
Vestigial organs or structures
Anatomical structures reduced in size
and function that serve little or no
purpose in the present day organism
Modern day examples of natural and artificial selection
All domesticated animals have been
artificially selected to have traits
beneficial to raising in captivity. If
the process can happen artificially –
why not in nature?
Bacterial resistance may be the most pressing
danger in health care. Staphylococcus aureus is
continually evolving resistance to antiseptic
methods and antibiotics. In addition, Flu Vaccines
need to be produced annually to adapt to the
newly evolved form.
Institut Pasteur Caption: a cluster of S. aureus bacteria observed using electron microscopy
Biochemical Evidence: Common ancestry can be traced and determined by analysis of
DNA similarity comparisons. Comparisons exist in base pair sequences, amino acid
sequences, and tertiary protein structure (ex – myoglobin human to chimp).
Transitional Species
Tiktaalik, water to land
Archaeoptyryx, Reptile to bird