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4-ESS2-1. Evidence of Weathering and Erosion
List the five
weathering agents
Physical Changes
Natural features on Earth’s surface such as plains, peninsulas,
mountains, hills, valleys, canyons, and basins.
The process in which rocks in Earth’s crust are slowly being broken
into smaller pieces.
Water, ice, temperature changes, chemicals, and living things
Large rocks are broken into smaller pieces by water, ice,
temperature, or living things.
Large rocks are broken into smaller rocks by chemicals from
rainwater, animals, plants, or people that cause rocks to change into
different materials.
A process in which water, ice, gravity, and wind can work together to
move weathered pieces of rock
Glacial Erosion
A process in which the movement of huge sheets of ice called glaciers
erodes landforms.
Chemical Changes
List the four erosion
Water, ice, gravity, and wind
The laying down of pieces of rock.
The rapid downhill movement of a large amount of rock and soil
caused by gravity.