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Computer Science 9616a, Fall 2011
Project Description
Your project can involve one or both of:
implementing something
researching a topic and writing a survey
It should involve a topic relating to access control to, privacy preservation of, or
integrity preservation of data in a database.
It should involve some scholarly research – a few scholarly references even if
you do a practical project.
If you do an implementation project, you may work in pairs.
Both the research only and practical project require a written submission.
Here are a few suggestions – other topics can of course be suggested:
outsourcing of database storage and access control/privacy
privacy preserving data mining
integrity enhancing models/provenance
intrusion detection for databases
Policy-based information security
Delegation in access control
Access control for Workflow
Security and Privacy issues for data warehouses
Role Engineering
models of security and privacy for graph databases
Regulatory Compliant Databases
Sticky policies
digital watermarking