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Semester II Final Study Guide
Western Civilization I
Terms and Identifications
Johannes Gutenberg
Henry VIII
Printing Press
Martin Luther
Leonardo Da Vinci
John Calvin
St. Peter’s Basilica
Pope Leo X
Protestant Reformation
Roman Catholicism
95 Theses
Understand all of the following:
The definition of Renaissance and which two classical cultures influenced the Renaissance and where it began.
What invention contributed to the spreading of Martin Luther’s ideas during the Protestant Reformation
The role of the Medici family in Renaissance Italy
What characterized the thinking in the Renaissance period. What was their worldview?
Who started the Protestant Reformation and why
The role of the Catholic Church during the 16th century
The means to achieve salvation by both Lutherans and Catholics
John Calvin’s ideal community model
Why and how Henry VIII protested the Catholic Church
How the church responded to Martin Luther
How the Catholic Church countered the Reformation protest
How Martin Luther contributed to the Christian community
The three mainstreams of upheaval in 16th century Europe
How the reformation became a social revolution rather than a religious one
How the reformation contributed to the form of government we have in the United States today (Essay question)