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Study Guide
1. What is a rock?
2. How did humans use rocks in the past?
3. What is the process in which water, wind, and heat break down rock?
4. When magma cools quickly, what kind of texture does rock have?
5. What do scientists call the rock that is formed when magma cools below the Earth’s
6. What kind of metamorphic rock has its mineral grains arranged in planes or bands?
7. What forms when rocks or minerals partially or completely melt?
8. What kind of texture does igneous rock have when magma cools slowly?
9. What kind of rock is formed from lava that cools on the Earth’s surface?
What are strata?
Sediments are carried away from their original source by what process?
12. What is the process by which sediment moved by erosion is dropped and comes
to rest?
Describe two ways that rocks have been used or are still used by humans.
In your own words, write a definition for the term rock cycle.
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Use the diagram below to answer the following questions.
15. What letters in the diagram represent the major processes of the rock cycle?
Name each process.
16. First, match the letters in the diagram to each type of rock: sedimentary, igneous,
and metamorphic. Second, describe how each type of rock is formed.
17. Show the steps of the formation of sedimentary rock below in the correct order
(use arrows):
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The bar graph below shows the percentage of minerals by mass that compose a sample
of granite. Use the graph below to answer the questions that follow.
18. Your rock sample is made of four minerals. What percentage of each mineral
makes up your sample?
Is marble a foliated metamorphic rock? Explain.
20. When limestone undergoes heat and pressure, it becomes what metamorphic
______ is an example of a coarse-grained igneous rock.
a. Basalt
b. Gabbro
c. Granite
d. Rhyolite