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Unit 3: The Great Civilizations at the time of Columbus
The Lords of Tenochtitlán
1. Describe the “first chapter of Mexican
history” as explained in the text.
2. Describe the Aztecs in 3 sentences.
3. How did the Aztecs grow into a powerful
Tenochtitlán as the Center of an
1. Explain how the Aztecs held control over
their conquered foes.
2. What is the “terror” of the Aztecs?
Describe it completely.
3. What impressed Hernán Cortés about the
Aztecs? Name 4 things.
III. Those above and those below
1. Describe the basic divisions of Aztec
society. Also, how could you improve
your class?
2. How were the different “classes”
3. Explain the situation of the typical Aztec
The Emperor Moctezuma II (15021520)
1. How did Moctezuma quickly start to
behave as ruler? What was he, in all
2. How was MZ politically savvy?
3. How did MZ act like a god?
Perú before the Incas
1. Compare and contrast the Chavín,
Paracas, and Mochica cultures.
2. Describe the Ica-Nazca lines.
3. What took place between 600-1460 AD
in Peru?
VI. Children of the Sun
1. To what does the name “inca” refer?
2. Describe Garcilaso’s story of the Sun god.
3. Explain the history of territorial
conquests of the Incas.
VII. The Force of an Empire
1. Why is Cuzco important to Incan culture?
2. What is the mystery surrounding Machu
3. Describe the military and administrative
genius of the Inca.
VIII. Life as a Common Citizen
1. Explain the values of the “puric”, or
common citizen.
2. What is the “mita”?
3. How did the “puric” spend his/her time
in the “ayllu”?
IX. The Imperial Pyramid
1. Describe the organization of the imperial
pyramid, using the correct terminology.
2. Explain the power of the ruling Inca.
3. How did the Sun Cult dominate the lives
of the Inca?
The Last Chapter
1. What crisis developed when Huayna
Capac died suddenly?
2. Who was Atahualpa?
3. What did Francisco Pizarro do?