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Chapter 16, Section 2 – The Aztecs
The Aztecs Build an Empire
 First Aztecs were farmers who migrated from the north to Central Mexico.
 They settled on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco
 Controlled a huge trade network & tributes from people they
conquered kept them rich
 The Aztec capital was called Tenochtitlan
 Built 3 wide causeways to connect the island to the shore
 Built canals that crisscrossed the city
 To help with farming, the Aztecs built floating gardens called chinampas
 Tenochtitlan had over 200,000 people, huge temples, busy markets, & a
grand palace
Aztec Society
Cultural Achievements
 Emperor (attended to law,
 Appreciated art & beauty
trade, tribute, & warfare)
 Made stone pyramids & statues
 Nobles (tax collectors,
 Gold, gems & feathers were used
judges, & gov’t officials)
to make masks
 Warriors & priests (led
 Valued learning
religious ceremonies,
 Studied astronomy & made a
passed down history,
decided when to plant &
 Wrote down historical records
 Passed down stories from
 Merchants & artisans
generation to generation
 Farmers & laborers (the
majority of the pop)
 Slaves
Religion & Warfare
Cortes Conquers the Aztecs
 Worshipped many gods
 In the late 1400s, Spanish arrived
(polytheists) who they
in the Americas
believed controlled both
 In 1519, a group of conquistadors
nature & human activities
reached Mexico to claim land,
 To please the gods, they
look for gold, & convert to
sacrificed humans
 They typically sacrificed
 Moctezuma II, the Aztec emperor,
slaves who were battle
welcomed Cortes, believing he
captives (10,000 people a
was the god Quetzalcoatl
 Aztecs attacked & drove out the
 To supply enough victims,
conquistadors, but Moctezuma
they went to war frequently
was killed in battle
 Within a year, Cortes & his men
returned & defeated the Aztecs.
 They were able to defeat them
b/c they had help from other
people in the area, better
weapons, big horses, & brought