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Lida A. MINA, M.D.
Indiana University Simon Caner Center
Indianapolis, USA
Dr. Lida Mina is the Co-Director of the High-Risk Catherine Peachy
Clinic in breast oncology at the Indiana University Simon Cancer
Center. She currently is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine,
in the Hematology Oncology division at the Indiana University SCC.
She specializes in the study and treatment of all breast cancers and has
two main focus areas of research centered on personalized medicine.
The first area involves studying new methods of chemoprevention in
women at elevated risk for breast cancer and the second area is trying to develop new methods of
therapy in triple negative breast cancer Together with IU faculty she has co-written over 15
medical publications in medical journals about breast cancer. Recent research has focused
mainly on prevention and development of clinical trials centering around patients with obesity
problems, and elucidating the underlying pathway linking breast cancer to insulin resistance.
Additional focus is the specific subpopulation of BRCA mutated patients where she is currently
working on developing a gene signature based on whole genome analysis of whole blood from
carrier patients unaffected by cancer.
Dr Mina continues to be an active member of ASCO, ECOG, TBCRC attending and frequently
speaking at each annual meeting as well as the SABCS (San Antonio Breast Cancer
Dr Mina has been the recipient of the Inaugural “Shirley Dawn Wyss Breast Cancer Fellow
Award” given in 2009 for her outstanding work as Chief Fellow at Indiana University School of