Download Geometry Goals: Chapter 3: Parallel Lines

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Geometry Goals: Chapter 3: Parallel Lines
1 -Understand the relationship between angles formed when a transversal crosses 2
parallel lines, and use those relationships to solve problems.
2 - G-CO.9: Prove theorems about lines and angles (prove that alternate interior angles
are congruent, etc.)
3 - G-GPE.5: Prove the slope criteria for parallel lines and perpendicular lines and use
them to solve geometric problems (find the equation of a line parallel or perpendicular to
a given line that passes through a given point.
4 - Construct a line that passes through a certain point, that is parallel or perpendicular to
a specific line.
Goals 1 and 2: Investigation activity – parallel lines and transversals; practice problems
Practice problems, proofs practice
Discussion/review; test
Goals 3 and 4: practice, review slope
Discuss, review