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Grade 9 Academic Science – Unit 3 Space
The Solar System: The Sun and the Planets
Section 8.3 Pages 313-317
In orbit around the Sun, there are ________ planets and their __________, and billions of other smaller
celestial objects.
Name the planets from closest to farthest from the Sun.
An _____________________ (AU) is the average distance between the Sun and the Earth. 1AU = 150
million km.
Convert the following (create a ratio)
0.39 AU = _______ km (distance from Mercury to Sun)
________ AU = 9.0 X 109 km (distance from former planet Pluto to the Sun)
Little Planets
Big Planets
Rocky or Terrestrial
High/Low Mass
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
To be classified as a planet, the following criteria must be met.
A _______________ orbits the sun and have a spherical shape, but do not dominate their orbit.
Smaller members of the solar system
 Asteroids
Questions – Homework
 Page 317, Questions 1-9
Section 8.4 Pages 318-319
Scale Model of the Solar System
Complete the scale model in Section 8.4
Answer the questions under the headings “Analyze and Evaluate” and “Apply and Extend”