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8th Grade Science
Chapter 14 Test Study Sheet
This test covers the material in chapter 14, sections 1-5
1. Know the following scientists: who they were and what they contributed to our
understanding of the solar system.
a. Ptolemy
d. Tycho Brahe
b. Copernicus
e. Kepler
c. Galileo
f. Newton
2. What was the ancient Greek’s knowledge of the solar system?
3. What was the geocentric system? The heliocentric system?
4. What are the three parts to the sun’s interior?
5. What are the various parts and properties of the sun’s atmosphere?
6. How is energy produced in the sun?
7. What are some of the activities on the sun’s surface? Know a little about each
8. About how frequent is a sunspot cycle?
9. What are similar characteristics of the inner planets?
10. What is unique about each of the inner planets?
11. How are Earth and Venus similar?
12. What about Earth makes it ideal for life?
13. What are similar characteristics of the outer planets?
14. What is unique about each outer planet?
15. What are the rings of Saturn made of?
16. Know the planets in order from the sun outward and from largest to smallest.
17. Why is Pluto not considered a planet?
18. What are comets, asteroids and meteroids?
19. Where do comets come from?
20. Where are asteroids found?
21. Where do meteroids come from?
The test is 50 questions
15 True/False questions
35 Multiple choice questions