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1) Cross-Cultural Psychology
2) This journal is a forum (interdisciplinary) which addresses cultural differences
and cross-cultural issues.
3) Since 1970.
4) Thousand Oaks, CA., USA
5) The intended audience appears to be educators, sociologists, psychologists and
any other scholar interested in cross-cultural issues.
6) Sage publications..
7) In Vol. 39, No. 4, there are 13 contributions, three of which are book reviews.
8) It contains abstracts, brief reports, book reviews and commentaries..
9) Cost is between $29, for individual and $153 for institutional subscription.
10) Individual is $133, and institutional is $832.
11) Yes, both..
12) No free online contents other than abstracts.
13) It is published every other month.
14) It may be peer reviewed, but only one editor, David R. Matsumoto, is listed as the
Sr. editor.
15) Submission guidelines are to follow APA’s guidelines, and submit electronically,
or send in manuscript.
16) 1) Emotions in everyday social encounters: Correspondence between culture and
self-construal. 2) War exposure, attachment style and moral reasoning. 3) Radius
of trust: Social capital in relation to familism and institutional collectivism. 4)
Ethnic group differences in affective, behavioral, and cognitive markers of
17) This journal appears to be very academically oriented, yet reader friendly.
Manuscript submission is easy to understand and uncomplicated—along the lines
of most journals that are affiliated with Sage. Most cultural and cross-cultural
themes and issues we address at Pacifica would probable be considered—if it was
main stream. The journal doesn’t seen to be geared much toward the field of
psychotherapy, more directed toward the academic realm.