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1st year
International Artificial Intelligence Congress
Take advantage of the 7,500 visitors to
International Artificial Intelligence Congress
IAI Congress is an area dedicated to Artificial Intelligence that forms part of the IoT
World, Cloud Computing World Expo and Solutions Datacenter Management shows.
By exhibiting in this area, you’re taking advantage of the 7500 visitors to these shows
and of discussions with their 160 exhibitors.
Nomenclature :
Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the driving forces behind the next great industrial
revolution. It’s also a market that the giants of the digital industry are keen to corner.
The artificial intelligence market is booming as a result of the emergence of big data,
the development of new methods such as deep learning and the increase in computing and storage power offered by the cloud and equipment hyperconnectivity.
We’re now moving from the fundamental research stage to practical applications.
The analyst Tractica estimates that the artificial intelligence market for company applications, worth only 200 million dollars in 2015, will exceed 11 billion by 2024.
In fact, most of the market is made up of the bricks built around AI, which are more
implementations than algorithms.
Today, Venture Scanner alone has over 950 start-ups specialising in AI (funds of 4.2
billion dollars). Apple, Google, AWS, Facebook and others are having difficulty in finding applicants for jobs in this area. Toyota is investing over 1 billion dollars in AI for
driverless vehicles … But IBM is determined to maintain its leadership in the sector
and is investing over 4 billion dollars in acquisitions. AI isn’t just stirring the software
market; hardware, too, is buzzing. Take the example of NVidia, leader of the graphics
card market, which has announced a processor specialising in deep learning…
Technologies that have already been developed for precise needs (mapping of noninternet areas of Facebook) are now to be found in other sectors (industrial, military
or healthcare).
Outlets for these developments exist for the public (personal assistants, IoT, automatic translation, driverless cars, smart homes, etc.) and for business (finance, marketing,
health, HR, call centres, defence, security, etc.).
Are you involved in this market, which is one of the foundations of the future of
the new technologies?
Then come and meet your future customers and partners at a show that has
brought together all the major and interdependent trends for the digital future
and AI under the same roof: IoT, Cloud, Big Data and Blockchain.
Over 7,500 targeted trade visitors and over 160 exhibitors will be meeting and talking about the solutions and products that will be used to reinforce this rapidly expanding market.
Be a part of it and you’ll be sure of being visible as an operator in the current market:
a major card to play for the market of the future.
Organisation :
Cherche Midi Expo
15 Rue de l'Abbé Grégoire
75006 Paris - France
Tél : +33 1 44 78 99 36
Fax : +33 1 44 78 99 49
[email protected]
[email protected]
Cloud Computing World Expo
- Machine Learning integrator
- Machine Learning platform,
- Deep Learning
- Software developer
- Software publisher
- Big Data / Data Science
- Outsourcing
- Host
- Machine-generated data
(OT Operational Technologies)
- Manufacturing Process Management
- Decision-making / predictive analysis
- Predictive Intelligence
- Core architecture
- Nanotechnology
- Cognitive Security Analytics
- Internet of Things
- Cloud Platform
Business sectors:
- Industry
- Health
- Security
- Research
- Robotics / Drones
- Finance
- Legal
- Transport (smart vehicles)
- Architecture and urban development
- Defence
- Marketing / Advertising
- Leisure (games)
• Stéphanie Hurbe
Development Manager
[email protected]
Tél : +33 1 44 39 85 07
Sales manager
[email protected]
Tél : +33 1 44 39 85 04
• Ariel Gomez
Conference Director
[email protected]
Tél. : +33 660 40 47 72
Book your best
+33 1 44 39 85 07
International Artificial Intelligence Congress
The artificial intelligence market: a new revolution in the data economy?
- Definition and terminology
- AI: the societal and economic issues
- Automation, jobs, universal income
- AI and ethics
- What deployment timetable?
AI and business: what opportunities for which players?
- What value chain and what constraints?
- Should we, can we, are we going to regulate AI?
- AI and the law
What technical architecture for AI?
- AI, machine learning and deep learning
- What links with Big Data?
How will AI affect the running of companies and our working lives?
- An explanation with practical examples
- Finance, Business, Legal professions, Training, Health, Smart city…
Ariel Gomez
Conference Director
[email protected]