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Decision support system for health and medical care and social services
using artificial intelligence
Project description template
This attachment may be six A4 pages at most. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.
The document must be included as a supplement to the application form in Vinnova’s
eServices Portal. Use the headings below and enter the requested content.
Project title
Enter the project title
Short description
Describe the project in three sentences so that the reader understands and remembers
what the project is about and why it is important.
Describe the organisations of all project participants, their obligations, and their
abilities and reliability regarding the implementation of the project. Describe which
party has artificial intelligence expertise and which party has health and healthcare
Decision support
Describe where in the care process you plan to use decision support, who will use it and
what decisions will be made using it. Describe the expected efficiency benefits.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Describe what methods within AI will be used to develop the solution and why you
chose these methods.
Regulatory issues and privacy aspects
Describe what regulatory requirements (e.g. CE marking) apply to the potential
product. What privacy aspects need to be considered? How will work with regulatory
issues and privacy aspects be conducted and by whom?
Standards and interoperability
What specifications (e.g. APIs and standards) does the project use? Describe the
methods you will use to ensure that these specifications are followed. How will
interoperability be evaluated and assessed?
Gender equality
Describe gender equality on the project team, among the project participants and in the
target groups, and how are resources distributed (in percentages) between women and
men? How will men and women, respectively, have the opportunity to influence the
project’s implementation, results and solutions?
Decision support system for health and medical care and social services
using artificial intelligence
Potential and utility
Describe the project’s potential to contribute to the goal of the call and plans and
commitments to use and disseminate the results.
Situation analysis
Describe how the solution is innovative and how it differs from any existing solutions.
Feasibility, activities, budget and schedule
Please state the following for each activity
Short description of the activity:
Cost of total project budget:
Responsible for the activity:
Who will participate in the activity within and outside of the constellation:
Expected results: