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Plate Boundaries
Lab Journal Directions
You will use TWO pages of your notebook. Fold the first length-wise and cut
the outer half off.
Holding notebook sideways, write the title “Plate Boundaries” across the top
of the half-page. Across the bottom of the half-page, separate into three even
parts and label each one “convergent,” “divergent,” and “transform.”
On the back of that half, label at the top “Definition of _____” and label
On the second page of notebook, fold in half and then draw a line up the
center. Then separate into the same three even halves.
Across the top of this page, label each “Landforms or Geologic Events” and
then label accordingly.
Across the bottom three sections, draw a picture of each type of plate
boundary. Label the crust, mantle, lithosphere, and magma in each picture.
Use this word bank to fill in the landforms section for each:
– Trench, formation of new crust, tsunamis, earthquakes, rift valley,
subduction zone, mid-ocean ridge, volcanic eruptions, continental