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Based on the values that Tom does know, how can he determine the height
of the triangle?
A. Find the sine ratio using angle B or angle C.
B. Determine the average value of sides b and c.
C. Find the cosine ratio using angle B or angle C.
D. Determine the sum of all three sides and then divide by 3.
191. Samantha is estimating the width of a lake. She stands at Point B and looks through a long-range scope.
She sees a boat shed at Point A that is about 9 miles away and a tall tree at Point C that is about 7 miles
Which of the following is closest to the distance, in miles, across the lake from Point A to Point C?
A. 9.7
B. 10.6
C. 11.4
D. 12.9
193. The Forest Service builds three rest stops at positions designated D, Y,
and L, enclosing a triangular region. The distance DY is 5 miles, the
distance LY is 8 miles, and
What is the area of the enclosed
region, to the nearest 0.1 square mile?
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