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road and the path? Use trigonometric functions to calculate the angle.
Part B. To the nearest tenth of a mile, how much farther is it to go
by the road than to go by the path? Show your work.
Part C. One day Jeremy biked from his house to Khaleel’s house on the
path, and then he returned by the road. He timed himself and found
that it took the same amount of time both ways. On the road Jeremy
rode at a speed of 13 miles per hour. To the nearest mile per hour,
how fast was he going on the path through the woods? Explain your
Part D. Another path goes north off the road at a point 2.4 miles from
Jeremy’s house. If Jeremy rode 2.4 miles on the road, turned onto the
path going north, and then connected with the other path to go the rest
of the way to Khaleel’s house, how far would he travel? Show your work
and round your answer to the nearest tenth of a mile.
Use words, numbers, and/or pictures to show your work.
147. Which statement is not true?
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