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Part A. Based on the measures shown in the figure, what is the area of
triangle ABC? Using the shaded right triangle, what is the sine of angle
C? Based on the expression found for
what is h? Substitute that
value for h into the formula for the area of the triangle to give a formula
for the area of the triangle.
Part B. Instead of using the base and the height of a triangle to find the
area, what would need to be known to find the area of a triangle using
the formula you derived in Part A?
Use words, numbers, and/or pictures to show your work.
151. A city park has three pavilions located within its boundaries. The locations of the pavilions and the
distances, in meters, between them are shown in the diagram below.
Which measurement is closest to the value of x, the distance between Pavilion #1 and Pavilion #3?
A. 69 meters
B. 87 meters
C. 98 meters
D. 109 meters
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