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B. 7.1
C. 12.5
D. 15.7
103. Kristen created a space in her yard for a garden. She had three landscape timbers, each 8 feet in length.
She positioned them in the form of a triangle, as shown in the drawing below. She drove a stake in the
ground at Point C and another stake halfway between Points A and B, at Point D. She then ran a string
between the two stakes to divide the planting area in half so she could plant half the garden with flowers
and the other half with tomatoes.
• What is the measure of
• What is the length of
Show all work or explain your answer.
and the length of
Show all work or explain your answer.
• What is the total area of Kristen’s garden? Show all work or explain your answer.
104. The diagonal of a small square tabletop is 30 inches long. What is the length of each side of the tabletop
in inches?
A. 15
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