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PrinterOn for
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Success Story | Healthcare
PrinterOn provides secure printing
Connects disparate networks
Eliminates costly VPN connections
• Leading pathology laboratory providing diagnostic services to doctors
• Needed to print securely from Cerner LIMS lab information management system to remote
doctors’ offices without expensive VPN connections at each location
• PrinterOn Hosted provided the ability to print across disparate networks
• Eliminated costly VPN connections at each location
• Maintained security for sensitive documents
• Eliminating VPN means lower cost per site. Expansion to more remote locations costs less
Customer Landscape
• Centralized care facilities such as hospitals and well as remote clinics and labs
• Doctors and other care givers use mobile devices and move within a facility and also
from one facility to another
• Secure mobile printing is needed inside the central hospital, from outside the hospital to
it or to remote clinics and labs
• All print jobs must be accounted for in the existing print management software
• Use Cases
- Secure mobile printing from inside or outside the central office to it
- Remote printing to/from disconnected locations like clinics, doctor’s offices or labs
Secure Mobile Printing From Inside
or Outside the Central Office
• Those in the hospital want to print from laptop or tablet to a
hospital printer but technical limitations of the print services or
network architecture prevents them
• All print jobs must be accounted for in the existing print
management software
• Secure print release is controlled by the same print
management software using cards or other means
• With PrinterOn, users submitting print jobs from mobile are
authenticated and print jobs are sent to the print
management system automatically.
• Secure release takes place using the standard methods
Mobile Print with Print Management Integration for Accounting
and Release
Remote Printing to/from Disconnected
Hospitals, Clinics and Labs
• Doctors and staff want to print from laptops, tablets, or even
desktop computers to remote locations such as clinics, labs, or
offices which are not on the same secure network
• Because the network they submit the job from is not connected to
the network the desired printer is on, they cannot print without VPN
• With PrinterOn and a PrinterOn-enabled printer they can print:
1. Authenticate to the PrinterOn service and select the desired printer from
the directory
2. Submit the print job through email, or PrinterOn mobile app or web upload
or the PrintWhere® driver (Windows desktop only)
3. PrinterOn processes the print job and securely delivers it to the printer on
the remote network
4. When the print job is ready, walk up to the printer and release the print job
by typing in the release code
5. The print job securely prints without needing access to the secure network
• The healthcare organization preserves its network security and can
account for every mobile print job submitted
Remote Printing to/from Disconnected Hospitals, Clinics, Labs
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