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Providing Engineering Students
with 3D Printing Experience
3D printing is now the norm for the early stages
of product development
Knowledge of basic 3D printing is expected by
Therefore, engineering schools should provide
undergraduate students with access to and an
experience in 3D printing
Facilitated by New, Low-Cost,
High-Quality 3D Printers
2,900 USD
Our department just bought 8 of these
3D Print Exercise
“Design and print an enclosure for a flash drive”
Bare flash drive
Sample enclosures
Class size for this exercise is 210 students
We also have high-end printing
on campus
Objet 260 Printer
• Multi-material
• Hard and flexible
in one print
• Multiple colors
Airway model with stiff
bones and soft tissue
• High accuracy
• <1 mm resolution
• Large volume
• 250x250x250
Rigid, clear heart model
Printed mold, with
silicone molded part
University of Minnesota
Medical Devices Center