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Digital Media Foundations
Jessica Gonsalves
Professor Kubis
How has this course changed your perception of
digital media?
• I have learned many things in this class that I never
knew before. We all know what digital media is but
not in depth. Especially in the textbook we had to
read for class. Digital media studies rely on both
conceptual and creative knowledge. Digital media
requires a lot of programs which we eventually need
to know how to use or already know how to use.
Such as Photoshop, premiere pro, apple final cut etc.
What knowledge have you gathered from our
discussions on Bitmap and Vector Images and their
• Digital pictures and scanned images are bitmap files.
These are sometimes also called raster images.
• Drawings made in applications like Adobe Illustrator or
Corel Draw are saved as vector graphics.
• Both data formats are completely different. The end
result, however, can look virtually identical in either
format. Bitmaps are usually used to describe lifelike
images whereas vector graphics are more often used
for abstract images such as logos
What have you learned regarding capturing and editing
digital images, file formats, sizes and storage?
There are two devices when it comes to capturing and editing: a digital camera
and a scanner.
Types of scanners:
1) flatbed
File formats: jpeg, gif, tiff, png, tga, psd, mp3, wma, mov etc.
memory refers to the amount of data that can be stored. primary and
secondary storage requirements include RAM and the ability to use hard disk
space or other devices.
• compression- is the process of reducing the physical size of data.
Decompression- is the process of converting the data back to its original
form during retrieval of the data. Digital media uses compression to
reduce storage space and allow file numbers to be maximized on media
such as CD-ROMs and DVD's.
How do you feel 3-D printing will impact your future,
and how has digital media supported the development
of 3-D printing?
• 3-D printing is going to impact our futures a lot. I read an
article online listing how it will change our lives.
• In the future, you will be able to buy a product, customize it to
your exact specifications, and then have it 3D-printed and
dropped off right at your doorstep. Customization will be a
huge part of business in the future as a result. The strongest
companies will be the ones that allow for their products to be
the most tailored to individual consumers and their
How do you feel 3-D printing will impact your future,
and how has digital media supported the development
of 3D printing? (cont.)
• With 3D printing changing so many aspects of our society,
businesses will have to get used to their strategies in order to
better fit their consumers.
For example, instead of making a deal where customers get
reduced shipping charges from purchasing a certain product,
companies may have to find a new way to make themselves
stand out because 3D printed products will arrive instantly to
their consumers. As a result, there will be little incentive to
purchase the product based on a reduced shipping rate since
the consumers of the future may never need to pay for
shipping again. Business models will have to change to fit this.