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Web print: printing from laptops and noncollege devices
We now have a facility called web print which allows you to print .PDF and Office documents from a
non-college owned devices. If you are working on your own laptop and want to print something on a
college printer this is probably for you.
To use it go to: and log in. The page you will see gives you a summary
of your recent printing and costs. On the left of the page there are a series of options.
Select web print. Then on the right of the page choose ‘Submit a job’;
The next screen has a printer already selected so just click on:
The next page lets you choose how many copies you want to print and, if relevant, the cost code to
use. Select a cost code from the dropdown list (if you have one) then click on:
From the next screen you can drag and drop a file using your file explorer, or you can press the
‘Upload from computer’ button. This will let you browse and find a local document. When you have
selected your document press the ‘Upload and complete’ button. Your document will be uploaded
to the server and put in the ‘pull’ queue. You can then go to any copier and release the print job
using your ID card.
This is also available when you are working outside the college.