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Tod Plotkin
Clara Ritger
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Assistant Producer
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Selling Your Story:
Today’s Session
Why Should You Invest In Marketing?
Marketing 101
Why Video?
Stats About The Online Video Marketing Explosion
Video Marketing for Budgets of All Sizes
What You Need to Know Before Making Your First Video
How Documentary Style Video Can Sell Your Home’s
• Tips for Capturing Documentary Interviews
The Basics
Why Should You Invest In Marketing?
• You can’t expect to grow unless you spend money to
bring growth.
• Marketing creates the human connection between
your business and your customers.
• Even successful brands still market. Why do you think
Cheerios still runs ads?
• Marketing is like health care. Preventative measures
will save you money in the long run. Don’t wait until
you lose customers to market. Don’t be reactive.
Where You Can Market
Print Ads
Company Website
Social Media
Basic Marketing 101
• Potential customers need to know your business
• To advertise, you need to know where your potential
customers – your target audience – is.
• Conducting market research will help you identify
who your likely customers are and what they know
or don’t know about your brand.
• Understanding what messages about your company
will speak to your potential customers is critical to
converting them into actual customers.
Basic Marketing 101
• Check out your competition. What are they doing to
market themselves?
• Set goals for your marketing efforts.
• Know your brand – what makes you unique – and
your brand’s story.
Creating Your Brand’s Story
• Stories are how people will remember you.
• Your story should
– create an image of your brand in the customer’s
– create the perception that you are the best.
– convey important facts about your brand.
– invoke feeling and emotion.
• There are lots of ways you can tell your brand’s story.
In 2016, VIDEO is an important one.
Why Video?
Video Tops All Other Forms of Communication
• Video is the only medium that allows customers to
see and hear your brand’s story.
• 93% of marketers used video in 2015. (Content
• Video are 12x more likely to be shared than text and
links combined. (Mbooth)
• In 2017, video will make up 69% of all consumer
internet traffic. (Cisco)
Regional TV Ads/Radio Ads
• TV ads develop brand familiarity and trust with
customers. “I trust this company because I’ve seen
them on TV” mentality.
• A well-run TV ad campaign can produce between 300
and 500 percent ROI. (Chief Marketer)
• On average, every $1 spent on radio ads leads to $6
in revenue. (Nielsen)
• Combining TV and radio advertising increases ROI by
21% on average. (Commercial Radio)
Online Video: Why The Explosion
• More Bandwidth/Better Compression = More
Accessible/Quicker to Load
• Larger mobile phone w/ higher resolution = Better
• Lower Cost for Production = More Possibilities to
• More Content Flexibility (Not just a 30 sec. TV spot)
Online Video Framework: It Works
• 96% of consumers say online videos are helpful when
making purchasing decisions. (Animoto)
• 73% of consumers said they are more likely to make
a purchase after watching a video. (Animoto)
• 71% say watching online video content leaves them
with a positive impression of the brand, service or
company. (Animoto)
Online Video Framework: Advertising
• 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cite
video as the type of content with the best ROI.
• Click through rates are 40x higher using videos versus
text. (B2B Marketing)
Online Video Framework: Mobile
• 64% of Americans now own smartphones, and 75%
of them watch videos on their phones. Among users,
26% of them watch a video at least once a day.
• Among young people, the numbers are even higher.
81% of 18 to 34 year-olds own a smartphone, 98% of
whom use their phone to watch videos every day.
Online Video Framework: YouTube
• On Youtube, 50% of all content is watched on
smartphones. (YouTube Statistics)
• More than one billion unique users visit YouTube
each month. (YouTube Blog)
• 80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the U.S.
• YouTube reaches more US adults aged 18-34 than
any cable network. (ReelSEO)
Online Video Framework: Social Media
• More than 50% of Facebook's daily users watch at
least one video per day. (Techcrunch)
• The rise of video on social platforms means that
marketers need to look for the human story behind
their product or company. (360i)
• It is estimated that marketers will spend $8.3 billion
on social advertising in 2015. (BIA/Kelsey’s)
Video Marketing
Video Marketing Is Cheaper Than Ever
• Prices have come way down on Cameras: DSLRs
• Templated Motion Graphics: Revostock, Videohive
• Shoot Vine/Instagram Video
– A branded Vine video is four-times more likely to
be seen than a regular branded video (7th
Tight Budget? Create a Game Plan
• If you handle the pre-production, you’ll save money
when you hire a video partner
• Know the content of your video
– Documentary style? Create questions that you think
your customers would ask. Make that the meat of the
– Scripted? Plan your key themes/marketing messages
• Keep the video short and sweet: 1 to 3 minutes
• Limit the number of days you shoot, and the number of
locations you shoot in
Bigger Budget? Make It Look Like Hollywood
• Slow-motion (Change your frame rate)
• Timelapses (GoPro)
• Photo lenses
Motion: Steadicam, Jibs, Sliders, Dollys
Motion: Ronin, MoVI, Drones
Motion Sample
• Green Buzz Agency Demo Reel
What you should know before
Questions Video Pros Want to Know
• There are many variables that go into how your video
is created.
• These variables greatly influence the strategy that is
used to produce the video as well as the cost to
produce the video.
• So what are these variables?
Communicate with Video Professionals:
Turnaround Time
What is the final primary platform for the video?
• Web/Online
• Live Event
• Television
• Film
• Mobile
Who is the Primary Audience for this Video?
• External: Clients
• Internal: Employees
Are they people that already know your brand?
Are there multiple audiences?
What Major Themes Should the Video Convey?
• What makes you unique from competition?
• Why should people care?
• You’ll want to focus on 1 to 3 major themes.
When do you need the final video delivered?
• ASAP!!!
• When a certain campaign is launched.
• To run at a specific event.
Common Requests
• 2 weeks – 3 months
Typical Life Cycle
• 6 Weeks from contract being signed.
How Long Should the Video Be?
Short Format: Over half of the video ads in 2014 were less
than 20 seconds. After 10 seconds, 20% of users will leave a
video. Videos that were 15 seconds or less were shared 37%
more often than those that were longer. (Opera Media,
Visible Measures, Idea Machine Studio)
Long Format: Wieden & Kennedy: Old Spice
How much time would you prefer to have you client’s
Viral versus Engaging.
Keeping the attention of the viewer.
Content that saturates your target audience.
A story that makes people remember you.
The Style of the Video?
Motion Graphics
Scripted Voiceover
Blend of two or more of above
Why the Documentary Format
Series versus singular video
Documentary Sample #1
• Lawyers Serving Warriors is a program at that
partners disabled veterans with law firms to help
them get medical benefits from the government.
• They partnered with Green Buzz Agency to create a
video that would communicate their story.
Documentary Sample #2
• The Make-A-Wish Foundation creates memorable
experiences for kids with life-threatening medical
• They partnered with Green Buzz Agency to create a
video that would communicate the story of one wish
kid, in the hopes of inspiring donors to give.
5 Key Takeaways
• Marketing creates brand trust and helps your potential
customers remember you.
• Your brand story should convey facts and invoke
• Video marketing works. 73% of consumers said they are
more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.
• Advancements in video technology are bringing costs
down and making corporate videos more competitive
with content on TV and in film.
• Documentary videos allow your customers to be part of
your brand story.
Tod Plotkin
Clara Ritger
[email protected]
Assistant Producer
[email protected]