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College of Education Final Reflective Essay – Initial Programs
Candidates will choose 3 artifacts of their work as pre-service teachers and write a final reflective essay on how the work
meets the College of Education Unit standards to be a critical, transformative, knowledgeable educator, a multicultural
educator and an advocate for social justice. Suggested essay length: 5 to 8 pages.
Final Reflective Essay Sections:
Essay and Reference page
Artifact #1
Artifact #2
Artifact #3
Prompt: The purpose of this project is to evaluate your growth toward becoming a critical, transformative educator, a
multicultural educator, and a social justice advocate. You will write a final essay that discusses the main concepts related
to critical pedagogy, transformative and multicultural education and social justice advocacy as they are evident in your
work. It is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability for self-assessment, which is a necessary trait for a
reflective, professional educator.
Choose three samples of work that you have created in your education program at Lewis. These items will be discussed
in the body of your essay and will provide evidence of the integration of the College of Education Standards into your
professional beliefs and practices. You may choose to include your service learning experience as one of your samples.
In this artifact section you must summarize the nature of the experience and the amount of time devoted to the project.
In the essay section you will discuss the experience in terms of how it helped you meet the unit standards and how it will
enhance your professional teaching from a critical pedagogy perspective. For the other two artifacts you may include a
unit, lesson plan, a paper, project, photograph or other illustration of your unique experience in the College of
You will create 4 sections in a College LiveText document labeled: Essay and References, Artifact #1, Artifact #2, and
Artifact #3. You can then attach a document in each section. It is not necessary or advisable to choose three artifacts of
your best work. In order to show growth over time you may want to include an artifact from earlier in your program
that does not exemplify the unit standards with discussion in the essay of how you might improve it. This type of
discussion will provide concrete examples of how you have grown and changed in your training. You may also want to
include a sample of more recent work that exemplifies your understanding and application of the unit standards in the
In the essay you will synthesize the main concepts related to critical pedagogy, transformative education,
multiculturalism and social justice advocacy as it applies to P-12 schools. Although this will be a brief overview of these
topics, you are required to cite references within the document. In addition to the synthesis of research, candidates are
asked to evaluate the artifacts they have selected and explain how these items support the College of Education
Standards or how they can be improved to better reflect the Standards.
Essays must be submitted to College LiveText and adhere to APA format (American Psychological Association) as this is
the accepted format for the field of education. This essay should be free from grammatical or spelling errors with
attention to the standard conventions of professional writing.
Lewis University College of Education Unit Assessment: Final Reflective Essay Prompt Initial 9-27-2010