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The Case Claim: Environment has many types of Hazards
Qualifier: There is no qualifier
Exceptions: There are no exceptions stated.
Reason 1: Biological Hazards
Relevance: Viruses, bacteria, and other organisms in the environment that harm
human health are classified as biological hazards.
Humans should be careful at all times.
Evidence: These disease-causing agents, or pathogens, infect humans and make us
o Objection: If humans don’t take care of their health it can cause
them to have health problems.
o Rebuttal:
Reason 2: Social Hazards
Relevance: Hazards that result from where we live, our jobs, or our lifestyle choices
are social hazards.
Humans should watch where they live.
Evidence: Living next to a factory that is illegally releasing harmful chemicals into
the air is a social hazard that you do not have control over.
o Objection: People shouldn’t live near factories it can cause social
o Rebuttal:
Reason 3: Chemical Hazards
Relevance: Chemicals in the environment that harm human health are called
chemical hazards.
Humans should be careful what they be around.
Evidence: Some disinfectants you may use to clean your kitchen and bathroom can
be chemical hazards.
o Objection: If humans breath in too much chemicals it can cause
them to have problems.
o Rebuttal:
Reason 4: Physical Hazard
Relevance: Physical processes that pose health hazards include natural disasters.
They don’t want anything to go wrong.
Evidence: Ultraviolent radiation damages DNA and has been linked to skin cancer.
o Objection: It can damage the DNA and include natural disasters.
o Rebuttal: