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Wydział Biologii
Instytut Biologii Molekularnej i Biotechnologii
Department of Gene Expression, UAM in Poznań is seeking candidates to fill the two-year post-doc position in the NCN OPUS project:
„ Diverse functions of U7 snRNP during the cell cycle "
The applicant should have PhD degree in either biology, molecular biology or biotechnology. Candidates with hand-on experience on
molecular biology and microscopic techniques (especially FISH, IF and PLA techniques) are encouraged to apply. Experience in working with
mammalian cell cultures could also be an advantage. Candidates should be enthusiastic about collaborative and interdisciplinary research, be
motivated to develop as an independent scientist, and demonstrate excellent scientific communication skills.
Please, submit the following documents with your application:
scientific CV with a list of publications and other achievements
cover letter
two letters of reference
copy of Ph. D diploma
The applications should be send until 22th of May to: [email protected] The candidates will be further informed about the interview.