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Summer on the Edge
Harvard University
The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in conjunction with Harvard University is seeking students
(from freshman through senior year) to work in their summer research program. This is a
competitive program for candidates who have an identified interest in the sciences to work in one
of the premier cancer centers in the world. Selected candidates will work alongside faculty at
Harvard involved in various research studies.
This is a paid work experience. Candidates should have a demonstrated interest in the sciences,
coursework with lab experience, and a solid academic record.
Interested candidates must submit a resume and cover letter expressing their interest in this
opportunity, along with a brief outline of their career or graduate school interests by November
16, 2009, to Kim Crabbe, Director of the Center for Career Development at Drew University
([email protected]) for review. Once approved, all applications will be forwarded to the DanaFarber Cancer Institute.