Download A2 Unit AH3 (Entry Code F393): Greek History: conflict and culture

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A2 Unit AH3 (Entry Code F393): Greek History: conflict and culture
This unit builds on the skills that candidates have acquired in AS Units F391 and
Candidates will be expected to use the skills they have acquired in handling original
sources at AS level and refer to these sources where appropriate.
The principal focus of this unit is on the investigation of historical themes through the
evaluation and interpretation of original sources in context.
Candidates should be able to:
demonstrate knowledge and an understanding of specified themes through
relevant and appropriate literary, documentary and material evidence
support their arguments through the use of appropriate original sources
The option we have chosen is as follows:
Option 3: The culture of Athens 449–399 BC
The thematic focus of this option is the cultural and intellectual life of 5th century Athens.
Candidates will be expected to have read a selection of appropriate original sources on the
following topics, and to refer to them in supporting their answers:
• the changing intellectual climate in Athens, including rhetoric, the Sophists and Socrates;
• dramatic festivals and the theatre, including tragedy and comedy;
• religious festivals and sanctuaries;
• Athenian views of themselves and non-Athenians, including citizens and non-citizens, women
and children;
• art and architecture in their political and social contexts
Exam format:
This paper has three options: candidates answer questions from one option only.
Candidates are required to answer two essay questions from a choice of four.
This unit is synoptic