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parliamentary system
payroll tax
pocket veto
political action committee (PAC)
political appointee
political machine
political party
poll tax
a declaration of forgiveness and freedom
from punishment (p. 172)
the British legislature (p. 29)
a system of government in which both
executive and legislative functions reside in an
elected assembly (p. 592)
to grant a prisoner an early release from
prison, with certain restrictions (p. 294)
a business owned by two or more people (p.
the love for one’s country (p. 23)
tax on wages and salaries to finance Social
Security and Medicare costs (p. 544)
period of prosperity in a business cycle in
which economic activity is at its highest point
(p. 509) per capita GDP Gross Domestic
Product per person (p. 573)
a formal request for government action; or, a
process by which candidates who are not
affiliated with one of the two major parties
can get on the ballot for the general election
in most states (pp. 100, 229)
the copying or stealing of another person’s
words and ideas and passing them off as your
own (p. 350)
a person or party filing a lawsuit (pp. 298,
349, 364)
each individual part of a political party’s
platform (p. 222)
a series of statements expressing the party’s
principles, beliefs, and positions on election
issues (p. 222)
the most votes among all those running for a
political office (p. 228)
president’s power to kill a bill, if Congress is
not in session, by not signing it for 10 days
(p. 161)
political organization established by a
corporation, labor union, or other specialinterest group designed to support candidates
by contributing money (pp. 249, 272)
a person appointed to a federal position by
the president (p. 185)
a strong party organization that can control
political appointments and deliver votes (p.
an association of voters with broad common
interests who want to influence or control
decision making in government by electing
the party’s candidates to public office (p. 218)
a sum of money required of voters before
they are permitted to cast a ballot (p. 112)
polling place
popular sovereignty
pork-barrel projects
prime minister
print media
prior restraint
private goods
private property rights
product market
profit motive
progressive income tax
property tax
public agenda
public goods
the location where voting is carried out (p.
a specialist whose job is to conduct polls
regularly (p. 261)
the notion that power lies with the people (p.
government projects and grants that primarily
benefit the home district or state (p. 155)
the opening section of the Constitution (p.
a ruling that is used as the basis for a judicial
decision in a later, similar case (pp. 29, 197,
a geographic area that contains a specific
number of voters (pp. 225, 237)
the leader of the executive branch of a
parliamentary government (p. 592)
newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and
books (p. 264)
government censorship of material before it
is published (p. 268)
the goals a community considers most
important or most urgent (p. 326)
goods that, when consumed by one
individual, cannot be consumed by another
(p. 502)
the freedom to own and use our own property
as we choose as long as we do not interfere
with the rights of others (p. 435)
a market where producers offer goods and
services for sale (p. 429)
the degree to which resources are being used
efficiently to produce goods and services (pp.
430, 467)
the money a business receives for its
products or services over and above its costs
(pp. 436, 464)
the driving force that encourages individuals
and organizations to improve their material
well-being (p. 436)
a tax that takes a larger percentage of higher
incomes than lower incomes (p. 518)
certain ideas that may involve misleading
messages designed to manipulate people (pp.
247, 390)
tax on land and property (p. 550)
a petition asking for a new law (p. 242)
policy of trade restrictions to protect
domestic industries (p. 611)
issues considered most significant by
government officials (p. 265)
economic goods that are consumed
public interest group
public opinion
public opinion poll
public policy
collectively, such as highways and national
defense (p. 502)
an organization that supports causes that
affect the lives of Americans in general (p.
the ideas and attitudes that most people hold
about elected officials, candidates,
government, and political issues (p. 258)
a survey in which individuals are asked to
answer questions about a particular issue or
person (p. 261)
the course of action the government takes in
response to an issue or problem (pp. 9, 272,