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Free Response Answers-I
Supporting Position:
All men are created equal
Govt. has responsibilites to poor, old,
disabled, and under-represented
Long term abuses by society are root
causes of long-term problems
Poverty causes drug use, crime, etc.
Only govt. has the resources to help
Break the cycle of poverty
Opposing position:
• Equality means equal opportunity, not
equal income
• Entitlement programs encourage laziness
• Entitlements continue the cycle of poverty
• Local, private programs can best meet the
challenges of overcoming poverty
Current Govt Programss
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
Old Age, survivor, and disability Insurance
Supplementary Security Income
Medicare (65+) and Medicaid (poor)
Food Stamps and Housing Subsidies
Student Loans
Vocational Training Funded by Block G’s
• Blanket Primary is one where all voters receive
one ballot that they can cast a vote for any party
• Unconstitutional…..
• Members will “raid” other party primary
• Closed primaries make candidates more
responsive to their constituents.
• Voters are more thoughtful in “closed”
• Blankets undercut party loyalty
• Blankets allow non members to influnce
• Blankets threaten to end discussion
Opposing view…
Blankets can change the negative tone
Candidates will focus on the “middle”
Closed primaries exclude independent voters
Blankets can increase participation
States should have the right to choose
• Equal Pay Act 1963- Illegal to base pay on race,
gender, religion or ethnicity.
• Helped Women’s movement and Civil Rights
• 24th –Outlawed Poll Tax Helped Blacks Vote
• Civil rights Act 1964-Ban discrimination in public
accommodations, restaurants, theaters
• Bans job discrimination by sex
• Prohibits discrimination in any federally funded
• Power to sue given to Federal govt. in school
segregation cases
• Increased Black rights empowered Fed. Govt.
• Age discrimination Act of 1967-Banned
mandatory retirement ages. Prohibits
employers from using age.
• Title IX-Prohibits gender discrimination in
any college or univ. that receives fed.
Funds. Forced increase in spending on
Women’s programs, esp. athletics.
• Voting Rights Act of 1982-Required states
to create districts with minority majorities
• Increased minority representation (HOR)
• Gerrymandered Districts were UnCons..
• Americans with Disabilities Act 1990
• Requires businesses with more than 24
employees make offices accessible.
• Requires wheelchair access for Pub Tran
• Requires WC access for new public
• Civil Rights Act 1991-Allowed easier
lawsuits for employees and job applicants
who feel they were discriminated against
Answers IV..
• People get most of their political info from media
• More influence the media gets, less candidates
• Public Perception: What gets covered is important
• Media shapes what people think
• Distortion of candidates views
• Biased Reporting (FOX)
• Internet is not ACCURATE
• Sensationalism $ell$
• Candidates can’t be ugly, or awkward
• 8 Second sound bite