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As seen in
Our eighth annual report spotlights
more than 200 marketing professionals
who are leading shopper marketing
efforts at some of the most beloved
CPG companies and leading retailers.
CRAYOLA: MIMI DIXON, Leader, Customer Development & Activation
imi Dixon has always had a creative side. But it wasn’t
until she landed at Campbell Soup Co. that she found
her career calling. Starting out as an engineering major
at Rutgers University, she also studied sociology and
political science before getting her master’s in public administration,
which included an internship in the Delaware State House of Representatives. Seeking a new path, she joined Campbell and spent the
next 16 years in integrated marketing. In June 2014, she moved to
Crayola to serve as its leader of customer development and activation.
“I’m innately creative, and shopper marketing allows me that, but in
different ways,” Dixon says. “It’s not at all where I thought I’d be, but
I get to think about big ideas, partnerships and everyday interactions
with shoppers – that’s the part that I love.”
activation. As we’re working on bigger promotions, I can tie that
in to a shopper marketing leg for our retailers and build it from the
outside in.
What projects are you working on now?
Dixon: We just announced a partnership with Minor League Baseball that will be starting in January. It’s the first relationship of its
kind for Crayola, and we’re working on many different ways we can
engage our brand in a fun, unique and organic way.
How did that partnership come about?
Dixon: We were looking at ways to add more fun and interrupt our
shoppers in surprising and delightful ways. It was a natural, strategic fit. We’ll have national activation as well as some local-market
activation. The games are focused on fun and family, but we’re adding to that with our colors, energy and a greater focus on kids.
What was the draw for you to join the team at Crayola?
Dixon: Crayola has a history of partnerships and retailer activation,
but the science of the discipline and building those relationships
with the retail community is why I was brought here.
How do you and your organization define shopper marketing?
Dixon: It’s targeting and directly engaging the shopper with this
lens of retailer customization. When you add that layer and start
to look at those unique programs by retailer, that’s where it’s now
shopper marketing.
Has your role changed in the past two years?
Dixon: I started here in charge of shopper marketing and merchandising. Now it’s changed to shopper marketing and national
Photo by John Kish
Institute member
What was your biggest professional
Dixon: Moving into shopper marketing
after my years of experience in consumer
promotions and integrated marketing.
Why was that?
Dixon: I’m not going to say that work
was easy, but when you add in shopper
marketing, it takes it to a whole different level. Now there are four stakeholders that we’re looking to understand and
integrate into one solution that pleases
everyone. I also had to realize that in the
retail landscape, you aren’t a big fish no
matter what company you’re with.
What motivates you most in your current
Dixon: Crayola has this awesome brand
essence of “freeing the what-ifs.” Kids’
imaginations can go crazy, and we can apply that same philosophy to shopper marketing and our relationships with retailers. As we continue asking the questions
and pushing the envelope, that’s inspiring
to me.
What about shopper marketing keeps
you up at night?
Dixon: I love that it’s ever-changing, but
it’s a double-edged sword. It’s always exciting and there’s always something new, but
that also makes it hard to stay on top of or
get ahead. And, of course, measurement
and ROI continue to be a challenge.
Where do you see retail and shopper
marketing heading?
Dixon: More toward customization and
personalization. I love having this oneto-one relationship with shoppers and
customizing our messages for them, but
how do we scale that and how do we
measure it? We’re going to go down the
path, but we’re prepared for a lot of trial
and error, and the measurement needs to
come with it.
And shopper marketing’s greatest need
Dixon: To create solutions that fit into
shoppers’ lifestyles and meet their needs.
There’s a never-ending pursuit of who our
shoppers are, and understanding them at
every step is crucial. From there it’s building innovative programs and products
that fit those needs versus innovating just
for innovation’s sake.
Keith Albright,
Global Shopper Leader
Focused on driving global
adoption of key shopper
principles, Albright has
elevated the role shopper
insights has in developing conversiondriven shopper marketing programs. He
is recognized as a creative and collaborative problem-solver, and emphasizes the
importance of meeting needs across the
entire path to purchase as a way to drive
sustainable growth.
Linda Crowder,
Senior Director,
Peapod Interactive
Crowder is responsible for
leading all of the third-party
partnerships for Ahold USA’s
Peapod online grocery service. She works
with manufacturers and media partners to
deliver strong values and engaging content to Peapod shoppers.
Jeff Sigel, Vice President,
Brand and Marketing
Sigel is responsible for calendar planning, brand positioning and customer messaging for the Ahold banners. He joined
the Ahold team in August 2015.
Greg Tobin, Vice President
of Promotional Strategy
and Support
Tobin leads the promotional
strategy and support team
for Ahold USA’s multiple
banners. He manages the planning and
coordination of promotional activity, displays and demos while ensuring connectivity between key stakeholders, including
the merchandising and advertising/marketing divisions.
Kendal Callender,
Director, Shopper
Callender focuses on grocery categories and national
events. She uses relevant
insights to move customers through the
path to purchase via a plethora of preshop, in-store and post-shop tactics to
drive sales, engagement and transactions.
Michele Lauer, Director, Shopper
Angela Moore, Director,
Shopper Marketing
Moore is responsible for
driving all of Albertsons’
large national programs,
including Monopoly, which
impacts more than 2,300 stores, 162 vendors, more than 1.3 billion game tickets
and 37 million game boards, and delivers
significant sales increases for the company
and participating vendors.
Andrea Olguin, Director, Shopper
Marketing, Strategic Planning &
Neal Ryan, Director,
Shopper Marketing
Ryan’s primary focus is on
sports marketing. He is
most proud of delivering
Albertsons’ first series of live,
behind-the-scenes racing content with
NASCAR drivers Brian Scott and Richard
Petty on Facebook.
Karen Sales, Vice
President, Marketing
and Shopper
Sales leads all national marketing initiatives, shopper
marketing vendor negotiations, strategic planning and marketing
execution for the 2,300-plus Albertsons
Cos. stores.
Shawn Millerick, Head of
Marketing, U.S. OTC
Millerick oversees consumer,
professional and shopper
marketing, as well as market
strategy and operations, for
Alcon’s eye-care business. When he joined
Alcon in 2012, he was responsible for starting up and leading shopper marketing,
category management and market strategy, as well as the development of THEeyeSOLUTION shopper marketing platform.
Mitch Louch, Director,
Category Leadership –
Great Lakes Region
Louch currently leads the
category and space management team that supports Anheuser-Busch’s retail and wholesale partners throughout the Great Lakes
Jim Tietjens, Senior Director,
Trade Marketing
Tietjens’ responsibilities include developing strategy and managing off-premise
retail partnerships, developing and
managing the integration of Ibotta into
Anheuser-Busch’s off- and on-premise retail programming, and working day to day
with the Kroger sales team to develop and
implement a winning game plan.
Renate Juengling,
Shopper Marketing –
Juengling leads the development and execution
of innovative, insightsendorsed marketing strategies for the Bacardi rums portfolio. The goal of her team
is to drive customer engagement, in-store
conversion and brand relevance for the
company’s shoppers and retailers across
distinct channels by linking consumption occasions with shopper missions and
Jordan Krawll, Director
of Shopper Marketing
Krawll is driving the company’s efforts to bring more
value to its customers by
creating more impactful
programs and solutions. He leads the team
responsible for developing programming
across the company’s portfolio of brands,
including Bacardi rums, Grey Goose vodka,
Bombay Sapphire gin and Dewar’s whiskey.
Kat Haddon, Director of Shopper
Debbie Zefting,
Director, Shopper &
Customer Development
Since joining Barilla in 2012,
Zefting has built a shopper
marketing/shopper insights
team. Her team has been recognized for
creating innovative approaches to shopper
marketing at Barilla, driving increased visibility and category performance at retail.
Mary Fitzgerald, Senior
Manager, Customer and
Shopper Activation –
Walgreens Team
Fitzgerald leads the co-creation, activation and evaluation of insights-based shopper marketing
programs and partnerships for upper
respiratory, pain, heart health, nutritionals,
foot health, digestive health and suncare
products. She is a liaison to brand marketing, sales and Walgreens.
Jeff Howren, Vice President,
Customer & Shopper Development
Michelle Cater,
Senior Director,
Commercial Marketing
Cater leads a team of 26
commercial marketers who
work across the entire Beam
Suntory portfolio, developing the strategic
national programs and materials for all
channels of trade, including its largest national customers.
Andrew Kingery, Director, Shopper &
Customer Marketing
Leading shopper and customer marketing efforts, Kingery says the most valuable
work accomplishment is always seeing
people change their behavior to become
more effective at being their best self.
Patricia FitzSimons,
Team Leader – Category
In a newly created position,
FitzSimons has a goal of
building a best-in-class shopper insight
and category management team that will
support the company’s growing retailer
partnerships. The team focuses on shopper marketing programs, customer-centric
research and basic category management
projects across all channels within the wet
shave, stationery and lighter categories.
Missy Hackett, Product Manager,
Channel & Market Development
Maureen Sticco, Director of Marketing
Ann Green,
Senior Brand Manager
Green leads the brand and
shopper marketing initiatives for Panera, Legal Sea
Foods and Blount fresh
soups across all retail channels.
RuthAnn LaMore, Director of Retail
Chris Sedlacek, Senior Director,
Digital Marketing Services
Corliss Collier, Senior
Director, Category
Development & Insights –
Center of Excellence
Collier leads a team of
dynamic professionals in
engaging shoppers and retailers alike
through innovative research, insights and
marketing programs. Seeing insights drive
action and come to life in the marketplace
while delighting shoppers and consumers
is her greatest satisfaction.
Kyle Lock, Senior Director,
Retail Marketing A 23-year marketing veteran
for companies including Tyson, Hillshire Farm and Butterball, Lock is responsible
for defining and growing powerful brands,
leading strategic planning and founding
departments around initiatives such as
innovation and insights.
Robert Gay, Director, Marketing
Lisa Barnes, Shopper
Marketing & Sales Strategy
& Planning Lead
Barnes’ leadership brings
Walmart shoppers to the
forefront of sales strategy.
Utilizing shopper insights, she creates
strategies and programs designed to drive
conversion in traditional shopping environments as well as in the e-commerce
Kevin Smith, Senior Director of
Marketing Operations
David Holliday, Director, Sales
Planning & Development
Sonia Dalvi, Senior Brand Manager,
Shopper Marketing
Dan Bracken, Director, Digital
Strategy & Shopper Marketing
Yin Rani, Vice President, Integrated
Joseph Vizcarra,
Shopper Marketing –
Walmart, Sam’s Club
Vizcarra has nearly 20 years’
experience working with
some of the country’s top
brands, reaching both the general market
and Hispanic consumer through innovative advertising, shopper marketing and
promotions. He joined the company in
2014 and is responsible for all shopper
marketing strategy, planning and execution for Walmart and Sam’s Club.
David Cardona, Director of Shopper
Marketing, CAS & Multicultural
Drew Allen,
Assistant Vice President,
Shopper Marketing –
Central Region
Allen is responsible for leading all shopper marketing
programs for Coca-Cola’s Central region
customers. His background includes
leadership roles in sales and marketing at
Coca-Cola, marketing at Walmart, and consulting at Accenture.
James Beck,
Global Director,
Marketing – Walmart
International Team
Beck leads the company’s
marketing relationship with
Walmart International and consults on
marketing strategy with Coca-Cola teams
that work with Walmart in Latin America,
the United Kingdom, Africa, Canada and
Nicole Hutcheson, Director, Shopper
Strategy & Innovation
Stacy Jackson, Assistant
Vice President, Shopper
Jackson leads the shopper
marketing team for CocaCola’s Kroger team, the
company’s second-largest national retail
team. She is responsible for ensuring holistic integration within Kroger’s marketing
programs while also balancing the respective Coca-Cola brand equities.
Lynwood Mallard,
Vice President,
Shopper Marketing
Mallard leads shopper marketing for Coca-Cola North
America including areas of
shopper science; design and merchandising; digital/proximity; national shopper
programs and occasion platforms; and
strategic alliances.
John Mount,
Vice President,
National Retail Sales,
Customer Marketing
Mount was inducted into
the Shopper Marketing Hall
of Fame in 2013.
Jim Rogers, Director,
Strategic Retail Alliances
Rogers leads the Strategic
Retail Alliances team. This
team is focused on driving
shopper solutions through
insights-based partnerships with complementary brands. He is a founding member
of both the M&M’s/Mars and KimberlyClark shopper marketing teams.
NORTH AMERICA: MARY BETH BARRETT, Director, NA Shopper Science Lab
ar y Beth Bar rett has
worked in many different roles during her 21
years at GSK, all of which
have helped shape her business understanding and approach for driving solutions. She earned a degree in
marketing and spent her early career
in sales and analytics.
Along the way, she’s gained experience in category management, business development and both local and
global shopper marketing. Today, she leads GSK’s North American
Shopper Science Lab, which opened in June in Warren, New Jersey.
GSK’s first Shopper Science Lab opened in London in 2013.
“[The lab] is one of our largest evolutions for GSK,” Barrett says.
“We’re invested in delivering meaningful, insight-based solutions to
our shoppers, consumers and retailers.” The high-tech lab aims to
better understand consumer, shopper and retailer needs to ultimately
provide consumers with the products they want.
“It’s great to be working in the field I studied in,” says Barrett, “and
even better to be involved in cutting-edge technology to help deliver
validated insights and understanding around the path to purchase.”
What does the lab provide?
What’s the goal of the lab?
Barrett: Control.
Barrett: Qualitative insights around key business questions such
as merchandising layout, segmentation, adjacencies, in-store pointof-sale, website assessment and more.
And how does this push collaboration deeper?
Barrett: We have an opportunity to partner with retailers on the
full journey from collectively unfolding insights in technologically advanced ways, to creating strong action plans together that will drive
our relationship in the industry forward.
What is your team’s focus?
Barrett: Unlocking and accelerating joint business planning opportunities and delivering shopper insights that drive category growth.
To influence and accelerate the speed of decision making both internally and externally by leveraging our technology.
How does GSK define shopper marketing?
Barrett: A discipline that develops insight-based activation plans,
providing mutual benefits to the shopper, retailer and manufacturer.
What’s a concern with shopper marketing?
Barrett: The lack of an industry-wide standard for measurement.
We’ve put a lot of rigor into this area and are making great progress
within our organization.
Shoppers today need …
Barrett: To drive a deeper level of collaboration with our retail
partners and deliver insights based on health-and-wellness solutions through custom research.
Photos by Steve Hockstein
Marie-Agnes Daumas, Director,
Shopper Marketing Center of
Excellence, N.A.
How does GSK respond?
Barrett: Delivering on the ability for
shoppers to customize their own needs
with the tools and/or technology to accelerate the seamless shopping experience
and ultimately sales.
Where is the industry headed in the next
Barrett: Digital, social and mobile will
continue to change the way people shop.
Given the “endless aisle,” having increased
brand presence through all mediums will
be key. Data collection will help deliver
relevant information, insights and solutions that shoppers will ultimately demand.
And retail?
Barrett: Seamless shopping whether online or on the go will be mainstream and
include an increased focus on personalization.
Where has shopper marketing made
Barrett: Toward shopper solutions versus individual brand platforms.
And where are the opportunities?
Barrett: To better integrate a digital/omnichannel approach. Evolving the reliance
on analytics to ensure personalization is
fully leveraged.
What currently motivates you?
Barrett: Learning new technology that
enables enhanced omnichannel engagement and creates seamless shopping experiences. Helping to fundamentally deliver
on the needs of shoppers through research
and state-of-the-art technology.
Technology such as …
Barrett: Eye tracking, facial biometrics
and skin biometrics. Integration of biometric tools provides a more comprehensive perspective of shopper behavior. What has been a professional challenge?
Barry Roberts, Director,
Retail Shopper Solutions
& E-Commerce
Roberts was inducted into
the Shopper Marketing Hall
of Fame in 2016.
Tekisha Harvey, Director,
Shopper Marketing,
Harvey leads the ConAgra
Kroger shopper marketing
team with a collaborative,
strategic approach. Her keen vision is the
foundation in the development of programs beneficial for both ConAgra and
Kroger, maximizing shopper engagement
and conversion.
Aaron Newhouse,
Director, Shopper
Newhouse leads the team
responsible for driving linkage between ConAgra’s
brands and platforms with its key grocery
channel retail partners.
Matt Pabst, Director, Shopper
Bob Waibel,
Senior Director,
Shopper Marketing
With more than 25 years
of CPG experience, Waibel
leads a team of 15 and
ConAgra’s shopper marketing agency that
focuses on understanding how the company’s consumers behave as shoppers in
different channels, formats and categories
and leveraging this intelligence for the
benefit of all stakeholders.
Barrett: Transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager and leader.
It’s a shift.
Jason Alving, Shopper
Marketing Director
Alving is responsible for
the strategy, development
and execution of shopper
marketing programming,
leveraging insights to drive retailer collaboration and promotional opportunities.
He has been successful in connecting
Albertsons’ national needs with the local
banners’ needs and creating consistency in
promotional activity.
Tracy Frisbie, Shopper
Marketing Director Responsible for developing
shopper marketing capabilities and relationships with
national retail accounts,
Frisbie fosters strategic partnerships with
other CPGs to bring shopper solutions to
retailers. She is most proud of the work
and relationships the team has developed
in just two years, seeing positive results
and ROI.
Theresa Sandhu,
Shopper Marketing
Sandhu is responsible for the
strategy, development and
execution of shopper marketing programming for Kroger and all its
banners, leveraging insights to drive retailer
collaboration and promotional opportunities. She has been successful in creating
programs that drive adult beverage category growth across wine, beer and spirits.
Brad Bock, Director of Category
Management & Shopper Insights
Jessica Kalinger, Senior Director,
Category Management & Shopper
Mimi Dixon, Leader, Customer
Development & Activation
(See profile on page 2.)
What makes it work?
Barrett: Having a strong team that’s built
on trust and respect is the key to success.
To you, leadership is …
Barrett: The ability to drive performance
of others through honesty, trust, inspiration and motivation.
Christopher Almeida,
Senior Director, Shopper
Marketing & Experience
Jennifer Reiner,
Senior Director of
Marketing Activation
& Shopper Marketing Reiner oversees the integrated marketing communication process, shopper marketing,
creative services, agency relationships and
Del Monte Kitchens. She has been actively
engaged in shopper marketing since 2001
and has led a variety of breakthrough customer initiatives including category reinvention, 360-degree media integrations
and Hispanic strategy and execution.
Grant Violanti, Senior Director,
Loyalty & Personalization, Category
Growth Strategy
Violanti is responsible for the management
and implementation of personalization
plans for all front store categories. This includes receipt marketing, digital and email
engagement, direct mail and more.
Peter Bond, Senior
Director, Loyalty &
Bond leads a team of professionals dedicated to
connecting CPG suppliers
to shoppers through omnichannel personalization vehicles using behavior insights
produced by the more than 70 million
active cardholders shopping at CVS retail
stores. He also oversees using shopper
insights and collaborating with suppliers in
building shopper-centric business plans.
Jim Hallock, Director, ExtraCare
Customer Conversion Marketing
Amy Schroeder, Director,
Loyalty & Personalization
Dan Seymour, Director,
North American Retail/
Shopper Marketing
Calvin Burwell, Senior Director,
Consumer Planning
Catherine Moffatt, Vice President,
Global Shopper Planning & Customer
Marketing Center of Excellence
Sara Sabin, Director, Shopper
Charles White,
Vice President,
Brands & Marketing
White leads the proprietary
RoadPro Brands and parent
company DAS Cos. to market, devising marketing strategies, shaping
shopper marketing plans, building strong
brands, crafting marketing communications, and designing shopper merchandising systems.
Kellee Miller, Director,
Shopper Marketing
Miller leads a dedicated
shopper marketing team to
partner with retailers and
their shoppers with a key
focus on loyalty, retention and education.
Sheila Bonner, Vice President,
Shopper Marketing
Richard Moulton, Director, Shopper
Marketing – Walmart, West Grocery &
Alysia Ross, Senior Director/Shopper
Marketing Manager
Chuck Sweeney,
Director of Category
Sweeney’s focus is on innovative merchandising
in the berry category with
Driscoll’s key retailers. Foundational to any
of the programs he develops is consumer
and shopper data. This merging of shopper data and merchandising gives a sharp
edge to the strategy of any point-of-purchase program.
Robert Ruijssenaars,
Senior Director,
Shopper Marketing
Ruijssenaars is responsible
for the company’s national
shopper marketing efforts,
using actionable insights to build best-inclass shopper solutions in partnership with
Gallo’s retail customers.
Jamie Williamson,
Creative Director –
Shopper Marketing
Williamson is the creative
lead over Gallo Shopper 360,
the internal shopper marketing agency serving the E. & J. Gallo portfolio of wine and spirits brands.
Michael Law, Senior
Director, Customer
Strategy & Planning
Law has led shopper-centric
programs across a wide
range of categories including confection, OTC, beauty and personal
care. He is driving thought-leadership
initiatives with key retailers to challenge
category conventions and unlock longterm growth.
Beth St. Raymond,
Director, Shopper
Marketing and
Merchandising and Display
St. Raymond is responsible
for working with a talented
team to seek insights, set strategies and
execute with excellence action against the
path to purchase. Her team works with its
retail partners to engage the shopper online or in-store.
Greg Griffin,
Vice President,
Customer Marketing,
Global Mass & Mid-Tier
With more than two decades of experience, Griffin
leads the development and execution of
the commercial channel and customer
marketing strategies and programs for
Elizabeth Arden’s fragrance portfolio.
Thu Bang, Senior
Manager, Americas
Shopper Activation
Mike Lampman, Vice President,
Trade Marketing
Matthew Martin, Vice President,
Gail Mercer, Director, Marketing
Planning & Strategy
Donald Smith, Vice President,
Tiffany Carver, Director, Customer &
Shopper Marketing – Canada
Jay Picconatto, Marketing Director,
Shopper Marketing
Picconatto leads the shopper marketing
teams in the field as well as the company’s
central shopper capabilities team.
Mark Kendrat, Director of Trade
Kip Olmstead, Chief Marketing
Officer – Store Brands
Jason West, General
Manager Merchandising &
Marketing, GE Appliances
West leads a team that
activates the company’s
advertising campaigns,
promotions, and commercializes product
launches. The team drives creative and
execution for brand communications,
shopper marketing, trade advertising and
product marketing. West led the development and launch of a shopper marketing
team, moving the organization from internally focused push tactics to an externally
aligned pull strategy, redefining channel
funds for more impact.
Rochelle Hartigan,
Marketing Manager, Retail
Branding, GE Lighting
Hartigan’s primary responsibility is to enhance the
shopping experience for the
lighting consumer at the point of purchase.
This includes merchandising, signage, displays and other key brand touchpoints.
Douwe Bergsma,
Chief Marketing Officer
Bergsma was inducted into
the Shopper Marketing Hall
of Fame in 2016.
Laura Knebusch,
Vice President,
Marketing Activation
Knebusch is responsible
for communication strategy and planning, content
development, promotions and shopper
marketing efforts supporting all GeorgiaPacific consumer brands.
Ashley Downey,
Marketing Manager,
Downey develops and executes shopper marketing
programs across grocery,
dairy, frozen, health & beauty, beer and
wine in collaboration with category leaders and CPG partners.
Adam Golomb,
Director of Marketing
Golomb is responsible for
leading the overall development and execution of
marketing strategies and
shopper marketing programs for the Giant
Eagle brand and its own brand portfolio.
RB: CHERYL POLICASTRO, Shopper Marketing Team Leader
heryl Policastro had a calling for the marketing industry
from an early age. As a child she would “invent” new products and use a tape player to record commercials. After college, Policastro joined Liz Claiborne for a position in co-op
advertising, coordinating retailer-specific direct mail programs and
working with buyers on co-op ads.
From there, she held positions in insights, analytics, sales and
marketing working across many categories including apparel, OTC,
pharmaceuticals and lighting. The variety made her adept at quickly
learning new businesses. “Each area helped me build a different
skillset and develop a deeper understanding of the various stakeholders, both internally and externally,” Policastro says. For the last
five years, she’s been able to put that knowledge to use developing
shopper marketing programs, first for Novartis and now at RB.
the role of the shopper marketing investment within the marketing
mix before we develop the shopper strategy and tactics. We also
determine projected short-term ROIs and other KPIs like number
of units moved or trialists.
What does this look like externally?
Policastro: Carefully chosen tactics with messaging that is customized for the shopper versus consumer messaging.
How does this differ from what previously happened?
Policastro: We were just investing in a list of 360-degree shopper
tactics to show support for the initiatives without utilizing shopper
insights. What do today’s shoppers care most about?
Policastro: Their lives being made easier. For many, saving time
and share of mind while still finding the right solution is as important as saving money.
You’ve been working at RB to evolve shopper marketing from
a “cost of doing business” into a strategic investment with a
defined role within the marketing mix. What does that look like
How does RB respond to this?
Policastro: Our guiding principles are rooted in catering to the
shortest attention span and focusing on the right engagement and
dialogue versus just pushing claims and communication.
Policastro: Clearly identifying brand and retailer objectives, the
shopper target, the behavior we’re looking to change and the key
barriers to doing so.
What’s a concern when it comes to shopper marketing?
Policastro: Our ability to influence behavior is getting more and
more difficult. Autopilot behaviors already exist in several catego-
How does that help?
Policastro: By identifying these critical elements, we can define
Photo by Steve Hockstein
ries, and it is being reinforced and expanded by the many forces competing for
the shopper’s attention and share of mind.
What can the industry do when it comes
to shoppers on autopilot?
Policastro: There is significant opportunity for Decision Science to play a big role
in how shopper marketing evolves.
What excites you about this?
Policastro: How research will evolve to
make Decision Science actionable and
the innovative ways we will connect with
shoppers and provide solutions they love
but never knew they needed.
Mary Beth Barrett, Director,
NA Shopper Science Lab
(See profile on page 6.)
Chris Cecchine, Director
of Targeted Marketing
and Shopper Loyalty
Cecchine joined the strategy
and loyalty team at H-E-B
earlier this year. His previous
17 years with the company include various
positions such as director of merchandising and marketing, director of operations,
director of customer service, and store
leader. He is currently focused on evolving
targeted marketing efforts to further enhance shopper loyalty.
Cara Kahaly, Director, U.S.
Shopper Marketing
With 17 years of experience
in the industry, Kahaly is
responsible for driving collective leadership of the
U.S. shopper marketing and NA shopper
science lab team, advancing the transformation of retailer engagement, shopper
research and omnichannel approaches.
What’s next for you at RB?
Kathleen Leigh, Marketing Director,
E-Commerce and Digital Content
You helped develop five guiding
principles for the company. Can you talk
about those?
Policastro: Working to ensure we’re agile enough to be ready for the future.
Policastro: They are rooted in trends
and insights. One is “cater to the shortest
attention span.” They are fairly aspirational and will live on into 2017 and beyond
with some adaptation.
Leadership came early for you, right?
Policastro: Yes, when I was 25 I had a
team of six analysts reporting into me. I
started to build leadership skills early.
What about the times you didn’t have
direct reports?
Policastro: Those instances were valuable years. I was able to reflect and grow
for my next leadership position.
Prior to the creation of your position at
RB what did the structure look like?
Policastro: The existing shopper marketing managers reported into three different VP-level positions.
And this wasn’t the first time you
stepped into a brand new position?
Policastro: No. I’ve been fortunate as I’ve
had the opportunity to work in four positions that were new roles charged with
building or transforming a capability.
Patrick Gahagan, Vice President,
Category Management
Cindy Johnson, Senior
Marketing Manager
Johnson manages shopper marketing initiatives at
several key retail accounts
including Target. In-store
displays, advertising and promotions are
her key focus, with growing emphasis on
digital and social media. Strengths include
insight-led shopper strategies and effective cross-promotional campaigns with
other major CPG brands.
Jeff Taylor, Vice President, Sales &
Customer Strategic Marketing
And that is stimulating?
Policastro: I’m most inspired by creating new pathways by changing mindsets,
developing new approaches and making
them a reality.
Twyla Lusk, Director,
H-E-B Strategy & Shopper
Loyalty Development
Lusk has been with H-E-B
for 18 years with experience in grocery and general
merchandise procurement management.
She began the strategy and shopper
loyalty team at H-E-B in 2006 and has led
the team that has created targeted shopper marketing as a viable platform for the
Dean Williams, Senior Director,
Commercial Marketing, National
Michele Bene Delaune,
Brand Manager,
Shopper Marketing
Delaune manages shopper
marketing for Henkel in the
hair care, styling and color
categories across all channels of trade. She
successfully launched four new brands into
retail this year while continuing to build
base business.
Karen Crova, Director,
Shopper Strategy
Crova leads the shopper
marketing and category
management team for Henkel’s U.S. hair business. She
recently returned from Henkel’s headquarters in Germany, where she ran global projects and strategy for its laundry business.
Her current focus is to use insights with her
team to help retailers, shoppers and consumers have a good hair day.
Adam Eagon, Director,
Shopper Strategy
Eagon has 20-plus years of
CPG industry experience
bringing insights to action
across all major trade channels. He currently leads the headquarterand field-based shopper marketing and
category management team at Henkel for
the laundry and home care division.
Laura Hyland,
Vice President, Shopper
Strategy & E-Commerce
In a newly created role in
Henkel’s North American
consumer goods office, Hyland is leading the category management,
shopper marketing and e-commerce
teams to maximize sales by addressing
shopper needs in the changing retail landscape.
Corey Talbot, Vice President of
Marketing & Product Development
Heather Campain, Director,
Shopper Marketing
Campain’s proudest moments have been
inspiring teams to come together crossfunctionally in ways that maximize expertise and efficiency and seeing that consistently produce award-winning results
with the company’s customers and deliver
innovative solutions that shoppers love. I
Lisa Bader, Director, Shopper
Renee Novello, Director
of Shopper Marketing and
Global Retail Marketing
Novello leads a team focused on developing shopper-centric retail strategies and executing
insight-driven programs that influence the
path-to-purchase, meet business objectives and positively impact sales conversions.
Oscar Herrada, Director,
Shopper Engagement,
Large & Small Format
Herrada leads the shopper
engagement team across
key strategic large- and
small-format customers for the company’s
brand portfolio. His team develops and
executes insight-based shopper solutions
for category platforms and new item introductions, as well as promotional program
support to drive conversion and loyalty.
Jenni Pustinger, Director,
Shopper Engagement
Walmart/Club Channel
Pustinger is responsible
for engaging shoppers
in Walmart and the club
channel, converting them to buy Hershey
brands. Her team leads shopper marketing
strategies and plans and is responsible for
creating and delivering custom items.
Mark Thompson, Director, Category
Management & Professional
Jeff Kjome, Shopper
Marketing Director
Kjome leads efforts in
driving profitable volume
growth and building brand
equity for Jack Link’s by
partnering with key retailers across the
grocery, mass, club, c-store and dollar
Liz Mayer, Director,
Shopper Marketing
Mayer leads a passionate
team whose trusted retailer
and brand partnerships
bring families together for
memorable meals and moments. The
team’s focus on collaboration, shopper
solutions and omnichannel strategies drive
brand conversion and category growth.
Scott Weisenbeck, Director,
Integrated Marketing
Melissa Fandrich, Shopper Solutions
Senior Manager
Fandrich is passionate about uncovering
transformational insights that represent
the voice of the shopper and creating
insights-led customer strategy that drives
loyalty for both J&J brands and Walmart.
Lori Kangas, Senior Manager,
Shopper Marketing
Pia Kelly, Senior Manager,
Shopper Marketing & Insights
Kim Viccaro, Director
of Shopper Solutions
Viccaro has been with the
company for 21 years and is
passionate about creating
differentiated shopper marketing campaigns that put the shopper
mindset first while driving J&J brand love
and retailer loyalty. JOHNSONVILLE SAUSAGE
Stephanie Plehn, Shopper Marketing
Keith Domalewski, Director of
Marketing Services
Analia Benedetti,
Director of Shopper
Marketing and
Benedetti leads the shopper
marketing regional team, responsible for
partnering with retailers to engage and
inspire shoppers through insights-based
programs to drive sustainable, organic
growth with an increasingly diverse shopper and consumer base.
Jen Carter,
Senior Director,
Shopper Marketing
Carter is responsible for
leading shopper strategy
rooted in strong insights for
her retailer teams. She has significant experience in the shopper marketing industry
and has built a strong track record of delivering customized programs rooted in the
retailer’s shopper segmentation, delivering
on both the brand and retailer objectives
driving business results.
Mike Clifford,
Associate Director, U.S.
Shopper Marketing
Clifford applies his 18-plus
years of shopper marketing experience toward the
development of strategies designed to
help Kellogg’s business units and its iconic
brands elevate their shopper and customer engagement.
Aaron Elleman, Senior Director,
Shopper Marketing
Scott Hamric, Vice President, Sales
Terrae Schroeder,
Director, NA Shopper
and Wholesome Snacks
Schroeder leads the North
American snack shopper
insights group supporting
shopper marketing, customer marketing
and store-back design. She leads insight
solutions for in-store activation, shopper
behavior and experience, and scale promotions. KEURIG GREEN
Amber King, Shopper
Marketing Manager
King is responsible for
partnering to link customer
strategies with category
insights to develop shopper
marketing programs that deliver on the
shopper’s needs.
Jenny Busby,
Senior Manager of
Shopper Marketing
Busby works closely with
the sales, business development and marketing teams
at Kind to drive performance of the brand
and customers’ business through the
development of integrated shopper solutions.
Jon Israelite, Vice President, Business
Anne Jenkins, Director
of Shopper Marketing,
National Accounts
Jenkins leads a talented
team focused on developing shopper marketing strategies and tactics across K-C’s largest group
of customers in the U.S. The team’s mission
is to deliver insights-led programs that
drive category growth for its retailers.
Sara Gilbert Leonard,
Director, Shopper
Marketing, Walmart
U.S. Team
Gilbert’s greatest work accomplishment is building
her team’s talent and career paths. The
team leads with insights, cultivates strong
customer partnerships and drives meaningful business results for the customer
and K-C.
Liz Metz, Senior Director,
Shopper Engagement/
Customer Development
North America
Metz leads Kimberly-Clark’s
shopper marketing and
category management for all of its brands.
She is accountable for accelerating and
driving insightful sustainable category
growth that delivers on K-C’s promise of
essentials for a better life.
Jill Weinkes, Senior Manager,
Shopper Marketing COE
Brian Dennis, Vice President,
Customer Experience
Penelope Smiley, Director, Category &
Brand Marketing
Jeff Talbot, Corporate Vice President,
Customer Loyalty Marketing,
Relationships and Insights
Louise Horgan,
Vice President, Shopper
Marketing, MGe Division
Horgan leads a dynamic
shopper marketing team for
the Maybelline, Garnier and
Essie brands at L’Oreal USA. She focuses on
growing the beauty category by developing omnichannel brand platforms and
best-in-class point-of-sale at retail.
Deb Balcerzak-Wilson, Senior
Marketing Manager, E-Commerce
David VanderWaal, Vice
President of Marketing,
Consumer Electronics &
Home Appliances 13
Shopper Marketing
So that’s a big focus right now?
he activity surrounding Nexium’s Rx-to-OTC switch in
2014 made Heather Storms want to do shopper marketing
day in, day out. As a senior project manager at the time, she
worked closely with the shopper marketing team to develop
customer-specific launch plans. Up to that point, her decade-long
tenure with Pfizer consisted of a variety of brand marketing and
product management roles. But her growing interest in the nuances
between different shoppers and retailers and executing tailored
approaches – as well as the opportunities she saw in the discipline
– made her realize that shopper marketing was where she wanted
to be. “I’m driven by a curiosity to learn about people and the world
around me,” she says. For the last year, Storms has been at the helm
of the company’s efforts as director of shopper marketing.
Storms: Yes, there are several initiatives across various retailers
that center around that theme of personalized, customized, datadriven digital programming. Even internally we’re helping to shape
our organization’s digital strategy to reflect the digital shift we’re
seeing enabled by mobile technology – and making sure it’s fully
encompassing of this omnichannel environment that our shopper
lives in.
What does that consist of?
Storms: Not just digital marketing, but e-commerce and how
the shopper navigates the landscape through digital as well as the
physical stores. We’re working closely with key retail partners to
create similar programs with them as well, as we’ve seen retailer
data partnerships evolve.
What does a typical day look like for you?
Storms: I’m responsible for defining and driving the overall
shopper marketing strategy, our processes and our programs
across all the PCH (Pfizer Consumer Health) brands. I manage
a field-based team and act as a liaison between brand marketing
and the field teams to develop customized marketing programs
with our retailers.
How do you and your organization define shopper marketing?
Storms: Shopper-centric marketing that effectively leverages insights to drive capital growth for PCH brands and our retailers.
How is it evolving?
Storms: Global technology has really changed the way shoppers
shop and the way we need to be thinking about how we can effectively communicate with them. The discipline didn’t exist when
I started here.
Are you working on any big projects?
Storms: The theme of a number of different projects revolves
around using purchase-based targeting to develop personalized,
customized digital programs that intercept shoppers along the path
to purchase with relevant messaging and offers to drive conversion.
What was your biggest professional challenge?
Storms: The Rx-to-OTC switch of Nexium. There were such high
Photo by Steve Hockstein
expectations of that launch, both internally and externally with our retailers
and other stakeholders.
How did you as an organization
overcome that?
Storms: With collaboration and communication, and really working with all the
different parties that were involved, getting them engaged early and developing
programs that were more individualized
than they’d ever been in the past.
What motivates you most in your
current position?
Storms: The continuous opportunity
to learn in this space. The shopper discipline is always evolving based on the
tools and technology available. Gaining
new skills, sharing them with the organization and actually building programs
that I can see in the marketplace in the
short term is very exciting.
What keeps you up at night?
Storms: There are always new things out
there, and some are going to work but
some won’t. There are so many choices
and options, and we need to be able to advise the brands on the best ones. It’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time.
What’s your vision of retail in five to 10
Storms: I see retail continuing to show
signs of blurring between the physical
store and e-commerce. Physical stores
need to have that experience, giving people a reason to go into their stores. It’s going to blur and then further separate.
And shopper marketing?
Storms: Traditional marketing, digital
marketing and shopper marketing will
have to be reimagined. They can’t function as silos any longer and as the retail
landscape evolves and how shoppers
shop changes, we’ll see those divisions
break down. It’s become an essential
component of go-to-market planning.
MEIJER Jonathan Johnson,
Senior Director of Trade
Marketing and Worldwide
Merchandising Projects
Johnson has pioneered programs in both e-tail and retail marketing in the consumer electronics
space. His shopping studies have revealed
how people shop for computer accessories in-store and online, resulting in new
approaches to merchandising in physical
retail like Best Buy as well as online sites
such as Amazon. Recently he has added
worldwide merchandising projects to his
Lanny Curtis, Director,
Customer Marketing
In 26 years with Meijer, Curtis has long been engaged
with both shopper insights
and the use of digital capabilities. He currently oversees targeted
promotions, managing digital content;
multiple communication channels, and
business intelligence tools. M
Susan Barkalow, Director
of Shopper Marketing Barkalow leads a team of
nine shopper marketing
professionals at Mars Chocolate. Her greatest accomplishment is in building and empowering
her team to create insight-based shopper
programs that drive the category, Mars
brands and meet retailer partner objectives.
Donna Bressler, Shopper Marketing
Senior Manager
Chad Marquardt,
Director of Customer
Shawn Mulroney, Director of
Customer Development
What still needs to be done?
Storms: There’s an inclination to stay
more in the trade marketing mindset
that’s very promotionally focused versus really anchoring around insight and
building any program out that way.
Michael Ross,
Vice President,
Digital Shopping &
Customer Marketing
Ross leads customer marketing, loyalty, marketing
analytics, payment solutions, marketing,
digital/mobile marketing strategies and
emerging technology for the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based chain.
MEYER Ingrid Ellerbrock, Senior Director,
Consumer & Shopper Marketing
Tracey Sivak, Senior Director,
Key Accounts
Jim McNellis, Director, Channel
Daniel Warhaftig,
Senior Marketing Manager,
C-Store Commercial Center
of Excellence
Warhaftig, with 18-plus years
in the industry, focuses on
driving growth across MillerCoors’ largest
class of trade by partnering with brands to
develop shopper-focused solutions that
build their brands at retail and drive category performance.
Jovina Young, Director, Channel
Marketing, C-Stores
Young was instrumental in driving a shopper marketing mindset by redefining how
marketers brief and review creative with
the company’s agency partners. Her work
with the brand team shifted the organization to simplify, and better engage its
shoppers, retailers and distributors.
Sigrid Garavito, Shopper
Marketing Manager
Garavito built and leads the
company’s shopper marketing capability, overseeing
14 pasta sauce customer
business teams and consulting for all others. She spearheads annual objectives,
initiatives, KPI direction, insights and pathto-purchase development. She also led
the development of its custom shopper
marketing measurement model.
Chris Gurchiek, Director of Business
Janelle Anderson,
Vice President,
Shopper Marketing
Anderson leads the 65-person shopper marketing
function for PepsiCo’s three
business units: Frito-Lay, Quaker and Pepsi
beverages. She is responsible for building
shopper marketing strategies, programs,
brand and digital experiences for the largest retail customers.
Patricia Raggi, Vice President,
Marketing Services
Carolina Raineau, Senior Director,
Marketing Strategy
Kyle Yearick, Vice President,
Trade Marketing
Ivan Reed, Director, Integrated
Stephen McGowan,
Director, Shopper
McGowan leads the shopper marketing function for
the company. He has more
than 20 years of brand and sales experience, and his team creates programs in
collaboration with its retailer partners and
brands to develop insight-driven category
enhancing programs.
Glenn Deutsch, Director
of Shopper Solutions
Deutsch leads the shopper
function, setting vision and
insight-based strategies to
drive profitable growth with
key customers.
Brigid Gilmore, Director of Shopper
Marketing, Nestle Sales Division
Joe Radabaugh, Division
Vice President, Category
& Shopper Excellence
Radabaugh was inducted
into the Shopper Marketing
Hall of Fame in 2011.
Eduardo Souchon,
Senior Marketing Director,
Category Management
Souchon defines the vision,
strategic role and intent of
product/service categories across all channels based on shopper/market insights.
Kelly Gibson-Wolff,
Director, Relationship
Gibson-Wolff oversees consumer promotions, shopper
marketing and e-commerce
integration across the Organic Valley line
of organic dairy products. In her role, she
drives strategic relationships to benefit
both the brand and sales teams.
Vice President, Retail
Marketing, North America
Helin oversees the retail
marketing team for Paramount’s new movies and
catalog, as well as Viacom partners Nickelodeon, CBS, Showtime, Comedy Central
and MTV.
William Langford,
Senior Director,
Shopper Marketing
Langford leads a team in the
development of PepsiCo
national shopper marketing
programs and initiatives for 7-Eleven and
Dollar General. He also leads the strategic
joint business planning process, leveraging consumer, shopper and marketplace
insights to develop effective shopper marketing plans, initiatives and programs.
Katie Schiavone,
Senior Director,
Shopper Marketing,
PepsiCo North American
Nutrition Brands
Esperanza Teasdale, Senior Director,
Shopper Marketing
Teasdale is a transformational marketing
leader who accelerates business performance among top U.S. retailers and
brands. Under her leadership, PepsiCo was
awarded marketing vendor of the year for
Dollar General, 7-Eleven and Hess. Teasdale
is recognized for being passionate, creative
and a champion of people.
Scot Henderson, Director,
Customer Solutions
Henderson has been in his
post for nearly five years
since he joined the company. He came from Dean
Foods, where he headed up that company’s category and shopper insights efforts.
His past experience also includes time at
PepsiCo, Frito-Lay and The Pillsbury Co.
Heather Storms, Director, Shopper
Marketing (See profile on page 14.)
Kelly Downey,
Vice President, Digital
and Shopper Solutions
Downey is responsible for
the vision, strategy and execution for Philips Personal
Health North America digital, consumer
care, creative services and shopper marketing.
Kelly Annis, Director,
Marketing Activation
Annis brings creative vision,
passion and leadership
to deliver multitiered and
sales-driving promotional
campaigns. Her brand-building experience
includes Nabisco, Kraft and Post Foods prior to her current position. She architected
the promotions and shopper disciplines at
Post Foods after the business was spun off
from Kraft.
Andrea Bouwman, Shopper
Marketing Director
Matt Barresi,
Brand Director, North
America Selling &
Market Operations
Barresi oversees all brand
building at retail spanning all brick-and-mortar, brick-and-click
and pure-play retailers across Procter &
Gamble’s $30 billion, 10-category North
America portfolio. Prior to his current role,
he held a variety of assignments across
multiple businesses in North America and
Europe, including a successful tenure in
P&G’s oral care division.
Carrie Birth, Brand
Manager Regional
Team/ISC/Military Team
Birth manages all marketing
activations for P&G’s regional grocery, wholesale and
military businesses from coast to coast. Her
team is dedicated to driving P&G’s biggest
initiatives, marketing assets and strategic
priorities through scale and/or custom
marketing programs.
Jillian Cohn,
Senior Manager,
Shopper Marketing –
Food for Duracell
Cohn supports the food
segment sales team as it
generates insight-based shopper marketing executions for grocery and convenience retailers across North America. She
works with the team to leverage retailer
knowledge to deliver business plans and
shopper learning plans, and develop new
approaches to drive sales on behalf of the
Andrea Lorenzo, Director,
Omnichannel Marketing
James Illingworth,
Associate Brand Director,
Target Team
Illingworth is responsible
for the development of
industry-leading shopper
marketing capabilities and the implementation of all P&G programs executed with
Target in-store, online and in partnership
with strategic digital partners.
Michael Kirtman, Senior Brand
Manager, Crest North America
Joy Mead, Associate
Brand Director
Mead is responsible for
delivering marketing vision,
strategy and digital expertise for shopper marketing
campaigns. She oversees a large diverse
team covering NA grocery. She created
alliance partnerships with Disney, National
Football League, Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball and Universal Studios,
to name a few.
Nick Patterson, Associate Marketing
Cheryl Policastro, Shopper Marketing
Team Leader (See profile on page 10.)
Nicole Pavlica,
Senior Brand Shopper
Marketing Manager
Pavlica leads the integration of shopper insights into
marketing programs, which
are designed to influence shopper behavior, build brand relevance, and deliver natural cheese category growth for Sargento
and its strategic partners.
Amy Dragland-Johnson,
Director, Shopper
Dragland-Johnson leads all
of the shopper marketing
and national consumer promotions marketing teams at SC Johnson.
She was inducted into the Shopper Marketing Hall of Fame in 2015.
Jay Lefforge, Director, Shopper
Marketing, Walmart & Club
STARBUCKS Tiffany Huey, Director,
Shopper Marketing
Huey’s role is to ensure the
Starbucks customer teams
are set up to successfully
grow its channel customers’
business and bring the Starbucks experience to life down the aisle.
TOM’S OF MAINE: MATT SMITH, Senior Shopper and Customer Marketing Team Leader
four-time All-American as a diver at Amherst College,
Matt Smith has always jumped in and gotten the job done.
The English major had plans of attending law school after
college, but the blending of creativity and business that
he’s always been drawn to won out. Smith entered the advertising
world in New York City, finding his niche developing campaigns
and initiatives targeted toward underserved markets. After earning
his MBA at Boston College, he made the leap to the client side, joining Procter & Gamble in 2006. He held various brand management
positions during his nearly five-year tenure before assuming a senior
brand manager position at Tom’s of Maine. Today he is the senior
shopper and customer marketing team leader, a post he has held for
the last three years.
marketing or shopper solutions tailored to their shoppers and their
needs. We didn’t have a team to focus on just that, so I was asked to
create the capability here.
What’s a major project you’re working on currently?
Smith: A first-of-its-kind, back-to-school program went in this
fall called “Green Your School for the Greater Good.” It’s wrapped
around the idea that, by choosing Tom’s of Maine, shoppers are
helping to create a million-dollar Green Your School fund through to help make schools more sustainable.
Since 2011, how has shopper marketing evolved at Tom’s of
Smith: Our Green Your School program is a platform based on
insights, not a product launch as we would have done in the past.
We didn’t have shopper marketing-driven platforms when I started
here; it was a more tactical approach. We’re a lot smarter now in
how we deliver our brand story and product messages to our consumer when she’s in that mindset as a shopper.
What does your current role entail?
Smith: I oversee a team of shopper marketers as well as our insights and analytics team. We develop and execute, in partnership
with agency partners and our customers, the brand’s shopper marketing activities for both conventional customers and natural channel customers.
What was your biggest professional challenge and how did you
overcome it?
Has your role changed?
Smith: Making the leap and being open to the idea that maybe
shopper isn’t all about shelf talkers, but something completely different. I needed to understand the full scope of it and some of the
Smith: Just over two years ago we had requests from customers to
partner more closely to develop equity-building natural category
Photo by Fred J. Field
cutting-edge strategies and capabilities
that exist today. Once you look at your
shoppers more holistically, it’s exciting to
see the potential of what shopper can be.
What motivates you most in your
current position?
Smith: Being able to do what I do here.
It’s an amazing company with brands
that have strong values, a rich history
and strong equity. It’s emotional-based
marketing as we engage with the heart
and mind of our consumer, aligning our
messages with her values and connecting
with her and what she cares about.
What about this discipline keeps you up
at night?
Smith: Quality of execution. Another aha
moment for me was the resource intensity
of executing things flawlessly. I learned
early in my career that the only strategy
a shopper or consumer really sees is the
execution. It all comes down to that.
How has shopper marketing moved
forward in the past decade?
Smith: It’s way more digitally driven,
data-driven and personalized. Certainly
we weren’t thinking about leveraging social media or bloggers that have an affinity with a specific retailer with our brand
as a means to advertise our product in
the past.
How has it remained the same?
Smith: We depend too heavily on oldschool tools to deliver our communications. We don’t see the full embrace of
technology in brick-and-mortar at the
mass scale today. But hopefully we’ll get
What is shopper’s greatest need today?
Smith: Personalization and simplification. In-store is more cluttered than ever,
so personalizing assortments and our
marketing messages will help us better connect with the consumer and the
How is your team or organization
working to meet that need?
Smith: With a very targeted approach
to our packaging and our messaging. It
doesn’t make sense to deliver messages
to that consumer who doesn’t care about
natural. We want to ensure we’re being
hyper-targeted with our messaging and
our product stories.
Ellen Greenfield,
Senior Manager,
Shopper Marketing
Greenfield joined Sun Products in May after having
spent many years in agency
client leadership roles. She is responsible for
the development and implementation of
strategic shopper marketing programs and
initiatives, including scale partnerships and
brand equity-driving campaigns, across
multiple retail customers and channels.
Matt Smith, Senior Shopper &
Customer Marketing Team Leader
(See profile on page 18.)
TARGET Michael Ashling, Director,
In-Store Marketing
Marcus Baffoe-Bonnie, Director,
Retail Marketing
Baffoe-Bonnie leads retail marketing strategy and activation at Tempur Sealy. His
team leverages shopper insights to drive
adoption of co-branded advertising, store
traffic and helps retailers win in-store. He
previously worked at Michelin and Whirlpool Corp.
Christine Austin, Customer Marketing
Austin leads the strategy and program
development of customer marketing programs that support Time Inc.’s portfolio of
content brands including People, InStyle,
Real Simple and more. Her specific focus is
on Walmart, Target, Kroger and Albertsons.
Eric Szegda, Vice
President, Marketing
Szegda oversees the Time
Inc. retail marketing team,
responsible for all shopper
and consumer efforts in
support of the Time Inc. portfolio of magazine brands including multimedia marketing/advertising campaigns in support of
People magazine.
Christopher Witte, Vice
President, Shopper &
Category Development
Witte is responsible for
leading and developing category leadership, shopper
insights, shopper marketing and shopper
activation functions. He is also responsible
for the creation of Tyson/Hillshire shopper
and trip engagement in protein and redeveloping Tyson’s industry-leading suite of
category leadership platforms.
Kevin Flagg, Senior Director,
Shopper Marketing
Carla Malin, Shopper
Marketing Director,
Malin is responsible for the
strategy and development
of all shopper marketing programs within supermarkets. She also helps
build the measurement, analytics and digital
capabilities within the national shopper marketing team.
Steve Henig,
Vice President, Corporate
Merchandising and
Henig began his career at
Wakefern in 1991 in the general merchandise division. He has been in his
current post since 2011 and is responsible for
the company’s corporate sales and marketing programs, private-label sales, shopper
marketing department, and loyalty marketing efforts.
Kelly Baranko, Director,
Brand Strategy & Loyalty
Baranko is responsible for
defining and deploying
the Walgreens retail master
brand strategy across the organization as
well as marketing Balance Rewards, the
company’s loyalty program.
Matthew Parry, Senior Marketing
Director – Customer Experience &
Shopper Marketing
Parry leads the retailer’s shopper marketing
and in-store customer experience/engagement efforts. He also leads shopper strategy and customer insights, digital, technology and omnichannel in-store integration.
His goal is to build a customer experience
innovation team to deliver multiple instore experience and technology pilots.
Jim Blumberg, Director, Integrated
Crystal Fouchard, Retail Marketing
Mindy Heintskill, Vice
President of Loyalty and
Personalized Marketing Heintskill is responsible for
the retailer’s Balance Rewards loyalty program, customer insights sharing and personalized
activation. She is a new breed of industry
leader that possesses brand, solution provider and retail experience.
Jamie Sohosky, Vice
President, Marketing,
Customer Experience Sohosky leads a team that
spans a number of disciplines from store innovation
and technology to visual merchandising,
shopper marketing and “retailtainment.”
She brings these disciplines together to
make Walmart’s 4,500-plus stores a better place for customers to shop – simpler,
more engaging and more seamless.
Allyson Martin, Senior Director,
Shopper and Channel Marketing
Ken Bausch, Vice
President, Global
Digital Marketing
Bausch and his team have
delivered demonstrable
growth in market share and
consumer awareness across the brand
portfolio with a content-driven, channelagnostic, customer-engaging and technologically agile approach. A highlight
last year was its award-winning Pyrex 100
campaign, increasing sales for this mature
brand by more than 20%.
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