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Sports and Entertainment
Marketing 1
Objective 3.08
One reason it is important for professional
sport/event organizations to develop advance ticket
sales plans is because the generated revenue helps
organizations to
A. increase general admission ticket sales.
B. decrease operational costs.
C. cover pre-event expenses.
D. reduce the risk of ticket scalping activities.
C. cover pre-event
Which of the following types of media should an
event planner use to promote an upcoming local
charity event to the general public:
A. Direct mail
B. Local television
C. National newspaper
D. Consumer magazine
B. Local television
Which of the following media vehicles might a
sport/event marketer choose to promote a
celebrity baseball game to many people
throughout a metropolitan area:
A. Internet advertising
B. Airplane banners
C. Movable billboard
D. Stadium posters
C. Movable billboard
A sport/event organization can determine
advertising reach of a magazine by analyzing the
A. billing cycle.
B. circulation.
C. finances.
D. response mode.
B. circulation.
Businesses generally pay more for newspaper
advertisements when purchasing space at a
_________ rate.
A. preferred-position
B. run-of-page
C. contract
D. frequency
A. preferred-position
When a business places print advertisements in a
magazine that has a specific readership reach, it
is basing its buying decisions on the publication's
A. motivation
B. reputation
C. circulation
D. participation
C. circulation
A business owner who wants to obtain a reduced
rate for a series of local radio commercials might
contract for what type of promotion?
A. Package
B. Display
C. Transit
D. Contingent
A. Package
Businesses that buy broadcast advertising time
often ask for information about the _______
before purchasing the time.
A. qualifications of management
B. ownership of the stations
C. popularity of newscasters
D. ratings for certain shows
D. ratings for certain
A business owner saved money by contracting
with the local newspaper to purchase a series of
ads over a period of time which entitled the
business to a
A. flat rate.
B. volume discount.
C. free insert.
D. preferred position.
B. volume discount.
What is the most appropriate media-scheduling
strategy for advertising food and other frequently
purchased items?
A. Continuous
B. Flighting
C. Pulsing
D. Intermittent
A. Continuous
Which of the following is the most appropriate
promotional medium for a local hardware store:
A. Local newspaper
B. Network television
C. Local rock station
D. National news magazine
A. Local newspaper
Which of the following is a qualitative media
factor used in the selection of promotional media:
A. Reach
B. Frequency
C. Impact
D. Cost per thousand
C. Impact
Your business wants to sell a shipment of goods
by the end of the current work week at the lowest
possible advertising cost. Which of the following
promotional media would be best:
A. An ad in next Sunday's paper
B. A direct mail campaign
C. Point-of-purchase displays
D. Radio spot commercials
D. Radio spot
When an advertiser wants to reach specific target
markets, which type of print medium would be
most cost-effective?
A. Newspapers
B. Billboards
C. Direct mail
D. Yellow pages
C. Direct mail
An important factor in determining rates for
outdoor advertising is its
A. short life.
B. ease of replacement.
C. visibility.
D. artistic appeal
C. visibility.
The cost to a business of radio spots will vary
with the
A. basic production costs
B. size of the business.
C. number of listeners being reached.
D. type of information being aired.
C. number of listeners
being reached.
Which of the following decreases the costs to a
business of using newspaper advertising:
A. Color requirements
B. Sliding-scale rates
C. Preferred position
D. Split-runs
B. Sliding-scale rates