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Good Morning!
Pick up the notes on the table by the door
Turn in your Info Sheets and Autobiography to the
tray on my desk
Bell Ringer:
Get a World History Textbook and turn to pg 122
 Study the art and think about how it relates to Greek
 Answer the three Examining the Issues questions on
notebook paper, and keep it in the Bell Ringers Section of
your notebook.
Chapter 5: “Classical Greece, 2000 B.C. – 300 B.C.”
Section 1: “Cultures of the Mountains and the Sea”
Geography Shapes Greek Life
A. The Sea
1. seaways linked Greeks
2. sea travel connected Greece with
other societies
3. travel & trade gave Greeks access to natural
B. The Land
1. mountains divided land into different regions
2. developed small, independent communities
3. stony land; most not suitable for farming
4. small population
C. The Climate
1. 48° F in winter and 80° F in summer
2. supported outdoor activities
II. Mycenaean Civilization Develops
A. Contact with Minoans
1. learned importance of seaborne trade
2. adapted writing, religion, art, politics, & literature
B. The Trojan War (1200s B.C.)
1. 10 year war between Mycenae and Troy
2. based on legend, but proven by Heinrich Schliemann
a. based on real cities, people, & events
video on Learn 360 – Trojan War – 6:45
III.Greek Culture Declines Under the Dorians
A. Dorian Age
1. less advanced than Mycenaeans
2. temporarily lost art of writing; little is known
B. Epics of Homer
1. blind storyteller
2. epics – narrative poems celebrating heroic deeds
3. the Iliad
a. Achilles (Greek) and Hector (Troy)
b. Portrays virtue & excellence
1. displayed on battlefield or playing field
C. Greeks Create Myths
1. attributed human qualities to gods – love, hate, jealousy
a. Zeus – ruler of the gods; lived on Mt. Olympus
b. Hera – Zeus’ wife
c. Athena – goddess of wisdom; Zeus’ daughter
Daily Essential Questions
1. How was ancient Greek civilization and culture
affected by geography?
2. What aspects of culture did the Mycenaeans
adopt from the Minoans?
3. What did the epics of Homer reveal about the
ancient Greeks?