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(Constance Kamii)
Using a deck of playing cards where the Ace has a value of 1,
number cards represent their value, a Jack is 11, a Queen is 12, and
a King is 13. The “general” deals the cards to the two “soldiers”.
Holding their cards face down, the soldiers take the top card from
their deck and “salute” the general by holding the card up against
their foreheads. They can see their partner’s card, but not their
own. The general adds (or multiplies) the two numbers together
and calls out the sum (or product). By hearing the sum or product,
and seeing their partner’s card, the soldiers try to identify the
number on their own card. The first soldier to correctly identify
his or her own card takes both cards. When the round is
completed, rotate the roles
Variation: Practicing multiplication facts with a partner
Use only Aces through tens – set face cards aside. Shuffle the
deck and place the cards all in one pile. One partner picks the top
two cards and without looking, puts them on their forehead. The
other partner tells them the product of the two numbers. Partner
one tries to identify the two numbers they are holding. Note: some
products have more than one combination of numbers. If the
person is stuck, their partner can tell them one of the numbers and
see if they can figure out the remaining card.