Download 1. State the slope and yintercept of: 3x – 5y = 20 2. State the x and

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1. State the slope and y­intercept of: 3x – 5y = 20
2. State the x­ and y­intercepts of: 4x – 6y=12
3. Graph the function: 2x + 3y = 6
4. The equation of a line is y= mx – 2. Determine the value of m if the line goes through the point (3, 5).
5. Graph the linear function that goes through the point (3, 0) and
has a slope of
6. For the inequality 2x + 3y >6:
a) should the boundary be line be dashed or solid?
b) Do you shade above or below the line? How do you know?
c) Graph the inequality.
d) which of the following points are in the solution region?
i) (1,1)
ii) (1, 0)
iii) (1, 2)
Bill has two summer jobs.
• He works no more than a total of 25 h a week. Both jobs allow him to have flexible hours but in whole hours only.
• At one job, Andrew works no less than 12 h and earns $9.00/h.
• At the other job, Andrew works no more than 20 h and earns $8.25/h.
What combination of numbers of hours will allow him to maximize his earnings? What can he expect to earn?
11. A football stadium has 35 000 seats.
• 65% of the seats are in the lower deck.
• 35% of the seats are in the upper deck.
• At least 20 000 tickets are sold per game.
• A lower deck ticket costs $75, and an upper deck ticket costs $40.
The management wants to maximize the revenue each game.
Create a model to represent this situation.