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Age of Exploration
Europe Gets ready to explore
■ 1400's - 1500's
■ Europeans
gradually take
control of the
Americas and
Parts of Asia
Search for Trade Routes
■ Political changes
disrupted the silk road
■ Merchants wanted to
get goods direct from
the source
■ If Europeans could
reach Asia by see then
they could stay away
from the Middle East
Technology and Exploration
■ Astrolabe - Used to find latitude
■ Compass - Used to find
■ Accurate maps - became more
available because of the
printing press
■ Ptolemy - Greek Geographer
■ Al-Idrisi - Arab Geographer
■ Caravel - Triangular sails
Rise of Strong Kingdoms
■ Towns and Trade had strengthened
Europe's governments
■ Portugal
■ Spain
■ France
■ England
Portugal Leads the Way
■ England Vs. France
■ Spain Vs. Islam
■ Portugal Vs. ????
■ Portugal free to lead the way in
search of a new sea route
■ Henry the Navigator - Paid for
■ Bartolomeu Dias - Tip of Africa
■ Vasco Dagama - Arround Africa to
First Voyage of Columbus
■ Italian sailing for Spain
■ Wanted to go West to go East
■ Ferdinand and Isabella - Funded the
■ Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
■ Landed in San Salvador
■ Thought he was in Asia
■ Amerigo Vespucci - discoverd that
Columbus had found a new
Spanish Conquerors
■ Columbus' success brought more
■ The second time he brought
■ Taino people of Hispaniola were
■ Spain and Portugal now in
■ Signed the Treaty of Tordesillas Divided South America between
Spain and portugal
Voyages of Magellan
■ Spain continues to explore the
Americas but still wanted to sail west to
go east
■ Ferdinand Magellan was hired to sail
around the Americas and then to Asia
■ Rounded the Straight of Magellan
■ Named the Pacific Ocean
■ Ran out of food and water so they ate
leather, sawdust and rats
■ Magellan finally reached the
Philippines where he was killed
■ Magellan's crew were the first to
circumnavigate the earth
Early French and English Explorers
■ Portuguese successes led England
and France to explore
■ John Cabot - Explored the North
American Coast of Newfoundland and
Nova Scotia. Did not find water route
to Asia
■ Giovanni De Verranzo - Mapped much
of the eastern coast of North America.
Did not find route to Asia
■ Jacques Cartier - Claimed much of
eastern Canada for France
■ England and France distracted once
again by religious conflicts and civil
■ 1600's began to establish
settlements in North America