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World History
Chapter Fourteen
Section One
Why Explore?
• People from Europe wanted luxury goods
from the East (Asia)
• Items such as: spices, silk, perfumes,
• Europeans wanted a direct trade route to
Asian lands
• Why? To cut out the middle men
• To gain more land to settle
Prince Henry
• Sponsored exploration for Portugal
• Wanted To:
• Conquer and convert Africans to
• Find riches that Muslims controlled
• Find easier path to Asia – sent ships
around the coast of Africa to map it
• Bartholomeu Dias – rounded tip of Africa
– Cape of Good Hope
Vasco de Gama
Explored Farther
Went around the Cape of Good Hope
Reached the spice port of Calicut, India
Many sailors died of hunger, thirst, scurvy
Sold spices for enormous profit
Portuguese seized ports in and around
India to create a trading empire
Christopher Columbus
• Italian navigator from Genoa, Italy
• Wanted:
• To reach East Indies (Asia) by sailing
East across Atlantic
• Columbus knew the world was round but
underestimated the size of the earth
• Spain’s Isabella and Ferdinand agreed to
finance him
• Wanted to bring wealth to the country
Columbus’ Voyage
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
Good weather and wind
Food ran low, no land sighted for weeks
Oct. 12th – spotted land and explored
islands for months
• Was a hero in Spain and went back to
explore several more times
• Eventually realized that they were not
Indies (Asia)
Dividing Globe
• Spain appealed to Pope to claim lands
• Line of Declaration – divided nonEuropean world into two parts
• Spain had trading and exploration rights to
the lands west of the line
• Portugal had the same rights east of the
• Spain and Portugal signed the Treaty of
Amerigo Vespuci
• Italian sea captain wrote a journal about a trip to
• “America” – named after Amerigo Vespuci
• Americas used to refer two both continents of
the Western Hemisphere
• Islands Columbus found were called the West
Ferdinand Magellan
• Left Spain to reach the Pacific ocean
• Sailed to South America
• Spent months exploring the bays along the
• Finally found a passage to the Pacific –
Strait of Magellan
• He renamed South Sea – Pacific Ocean
– peaceful
Drawn and Quartered
• 2 captains of ships sailing with Magellan mutinied – did
not work
• Dragged on a hurdle (a wooden frame) to the place of
• Hung by the neck for a short time or until almost dead
• Disemboweled and emasculated - the genitalia and
entrails burned before the condemned's eyes
• The body divided into four parts (quartered) then
• Crew wanted to return home
• Magellan pushed on thinking he would find the
Spice islands in a few weeks
• Four months later they reached the
• Tried to convert natives – was successful with
• Natives – rejected Christianity – fought –
Magellan shot with a poison arrow, surrounded
and killed with spears and knives
• Rest of the crew carried on until they
reached Spain on Sept. 8th, 1522.
• They were the first people to
circumnavigate the globe – sail around
the world
• Believed no one would ever do it again
• Almost three years on ships