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A New Age in Europe
The Age of Exploration
I. Europe Expands Its Horizons
Time – 1400’s
High Prices on Asian goods = A desire for a new trade route to Asia
A. Portugal Takes the Lead
Prince Henry (Henry the Navigator) – Portuguese
•1419 opened a school – mapmakers, shipbuilders, navigators,
and expert sailors
Caravel – a large, strong, fast, easy to steer ship
Astrolabe – A tool to measure latitude
*Made detailed charts and maps of the Atlantic
Gil Eanes – Broke the “Cape Bojador” fear by sailing past it.
•Pushed Portuguese ships farther
Vasco da Gama – 1497
•Made the trip to and from Asia safely (East - Around Africa)=
new trade route!
B. Spain’s Contribution
Christopher Columbus – Sailed West
•Sailed assuming he could go around the world to Asia
•Columbus ended up in the Americas
II. Magellan Sails Around the World
Europeans belief = Japan was only separated from the Americas by a
narrow channel
A. Magellan Sets Out
1519 – Set sail to go around the world
•Five ships and 250 men
•South America = Three ships wanted to return (fear)
•Magellan persuaded all five to continue sailing
•Straight of Magellan – Took 38 days to pass
B. The Voyage Continues
Disaster •Suppliers cheated them – only 1/3 as much food and
•Men starved to death
•Men died of disease
Coming home •Magellan did not return – killed by Philippines ruler
•3 years of sailing
•Of 250 men only 18 returned