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take out a piece of
paper for notes.
Please take your lab sheet
from yesterday or get it out.
Finish any problems you
have left.
March 9, 2011
Chapter 5.1 p.324
 5.02
Correlate evolutionary theories and
• Biological
 Students
will be able to explain evolution
and describe the evidence that exists
that supports the theory of evolution.
scientific theory is a way to
EXPLAIN observations and scientific
• Examples: geocentric theory, evolution,
general relativity, cell theory
theory of
evolution is the
idea that there has
been gradual
change in living
things over long
periods of time.
fossil record
shows what life has
been on Earth and
how that life has
• Many organisms
have evolved and
many have gone
selection is the idea that
traits that are beneficial to a species
survival will become more
Example: If giraffes
want to survive,
they must have
longer necks to
reach higher into
trees to get food.
Play the game until you are
able to get your species to
live for 1,000,000 years.