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Skeletal System – Study Guide
1. What is the process by which an organism’s internal environment is kept stable? 472
2. What structure directs the activities of a cell? 469
3. Messages are carried back and forth between the brain and other parts of the body by which tissue? 470
4. Which organ system makes blood cells? 474
5. Which type of human body tissue can contract, or shorten? 485
6. List the functions of the skeleton? 474
7. Much of a newborn baby’s skeleton is made of what type of tissue? And what is it called? 480
8. The spaces in bones are filled with a thick fluid called? 478
9. What kind of motion is possible with a hinge joint? 476
10. By eating dairy products, you are helping to maintain healthy bones because they provide what
nutrients? 480
11. Which type of muscle is found only in the heart? 485
12. Which type of muscle tires quickly during exercise? 484
13. How do pairs of skeletal muscles work together? 485
14. Why do skeletal muscles work in pairs? 485
15. Why is exercise important for muscles? 486
16. How does the skin protect the body from disease? 488
17. How does the skin help regulate body temperature? 489
18. Washing your skin helps prevent what type of skin problem? 492
19. Nerves and blood vessels in the skin are located in which layer of the skin? 491
20. The bones that form the backbone are called? 475
21. Beneath the compact bone there is a layer of bone called? 479
22. How does the pigment melanin help the skin? 491
23. What is a strong connective tissue that holds movable joints together? 477
24. No matter the temperature around you, your internal body temperature will remain at what degree? 472
25. Which type of tissue lines your digestive tract (internal organ system)? 484
26. A group of organs join to form which level of body organization? 470
27. How does muscle tissue work to move muscles? 485
28. What can upset homeostasis of the body and mind? 473
29. How can we keep bones healthy? 480
30. What minerals do bones contain that makes them strong and hard? 480
31. What type of involuntary muscle moves food through the digestive tract? 484
32. How can we keep and maintain healthy skin? 492
33. What protects the delicate tissue of the brain? 476
34. Which layer of skin contains nerves and blood vessels? 491
35. As an infant grows, what replaces the cartilage? 480
36. What is the connective tissue that attaches muscles to bone? 484
37. What vitamin does the skin produce? 488
38. What skin disease can be prevented or reduced by a lack of sun exposure? 493
39. What connective tissue holds bones together? 477
40. What should we do to protect our skin from sun damage? 493
41. What type of joint is found in your wrist? 477
42. Identify the joints and tell my where they are found in the body, and what motion they allow. 477
43. Identify the muscles and tell me where they are found and what they control. 483