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What is the digestives
beginning process?
The mouth
What is the 22 foot long
muscular tube that breaks
down food?
Small Intestine
What is the object that
is also known as the
The Large Inestine
What is the 8 inch
chamber near the end of
the digestive track?
The Rectum
What is the 2 inch
canal with the
sphincter muscles
that help control
the release of the
stool ?
The anus
What is the connector of
the mouth and stomach?
The esophagus
What is the excretes
digestive enzymes that
help the small intestine
break down food?
The Pancreas
What provides bile salts
that help digest food?
The Liver
What is the solid waste
excreted from the anus?
The Stool
What is the liquid in the
stomach that helps break
down food?
Stomach Acid
What is the part in your
digestive system that
smoking harms?
What removes toxins
from your body?
The Liver
What is the Swelling in
the deep lining of
intestine and causes a lot
of pain?
Crohns Disease
What are the cholesterol
balls that form in bile?
Gall Stones
What is the problem
that occurs when an
organ or fatty tissue
squeezes through a hole
or a weak spot in a
surrounding muscle?
A Hernia
What is a sole in
the inner lining
of the stomach or
upper small
Peptic Ulcer
What is an inflation of
the appendix?
What is a swollen
blood vessel of the
A Hemriod
What is a problem with
digesting gluten, in
problem food affecting the
absorption of nutrients?
A Celiac Disease
What is a condition
when pouches form in
the wall of the colon?
What is an
important way to
keep your throat
and airways clear.
What is a procedure that
uses a lighted, flexible
endoscope to see inside
the upper GI tract.
What is an inflammatory
disorder of the intestine,
especially of the colon, that
results in severe diarrhea
containing mucus and/or blood
in the feces with fever and
abdominal pain.
What is the name given
for the condition that
allows larger food
particles to pass through
the gut wall.
Leaky Gut
What is also
known as acid
Make your wager
What is the mechanical
and chemical breaking
down of food into smaller
components that can be
absorbed into a blood
stream, for instance.