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Electricity & Magnetism Standards
5d. Know the properties of transistors & the role of
transistors in electric circuits.
5e. Know charged particles are sources of electric
fields and are subject to the forces of the electric
fields from other charges.
5h. Know changing magnetic fields produce electric
fields, thereby inducing currents in nearby
5i. Know plasmas, a fourth state of matter, contain
ions or free electrons or both and conduct
Electric Field Lines
Electrical Field Lines
The force of the
electrical charge
around a particle
Fills the space
around the particle
(on all sides, all
Shown with arrows
Direction of Field Lines
Direction is determined with a positive test
What force does each type of charge feel from the +
– Negative = Attraction
Towards charge
– Positive = Repulsion
Away from charge
Strength of Field Lines
The strength of the
field lines is shown
lines there are around
the particle
– The more lines the
stronger the force
Field Lines Radiate
This means they go
in all directions from
the particle, even if
there is no other
charge near it