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Succession 2013-­‐2014 Ecological Succession: The gradual
change in species abundance and
diversity after a disturbance.
•  Community = ecological unit composed of a group of popula;ons of different species occupying a par;cular area Resilience VS. Persistence •  Resilience: Ability of an ecosystem to come back •  Iner%a/persistence: Ability of ecosystem to survive •  A Rainforest has so many species it would rarely die off, chances are one species would live, it is persistent. However it is so complex that if it dies off it cant come back, it is not resilient. •  Grasslands are all one species and could get sick and die easily, they are not persistent. How ever grass can easily come back, they are resilient. Create this table in your notes Primary succession Secondary succession Primary succession •  The establishment of
a biotic community
from a previously lifeless terrain
•  Uncommon
•  Take 1000’s of years
to build soil
•  Ex-Parking lot, Lava Secondary
succession •  Follows a disturbance
in an ecosystem that
has damaged or
removed part of the
established community.
•  Leaves soil or
•  Ex- Fire, clear cutting
Aquatic succession A waterway slowly gets :illed with sediments and is eventually overgrown Case Study: Red woods and Timber companies • 
The tallest trees in the world. Live to be 2,000 years old 96% of them have been cut down. Can grow to be 368N tall. Two strategies for cutting trees 1. Clear cutting •  Completely destroyed an area of forest, but leaves other areas untouched. •  Cheaper 2. Selective cutting •  Allows animals to stay in the same place, does not completely kill environment. •  Cost more